Strategic Plans Of State Thievery?

From: El Murid, 22-Jan-2016 12:59 pm

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

Siluanov reported about preparations of new strategic plan of actions of the government in the new conditions in the short and medium term.

Speaking openly, in principle strategy for short or mid term cannot exist. Strictly verbally it could be at best about a plan of action and the anti-crisis program. Free treatment of terms creates problems both for pronouncing and for the audience.

The first contours of this alleged strategy is already showing through. Top officials suddenly woke up and began to say that low oil prices is here to stay. It is bad to be blunt and so stubborn and continue to repeat nonsense, of course, but when government is changing its perspective on what is happening more often than lunch, this is also the nekomilfo(? uncomfortable): it is unclear how quickly she will change her again.

Nabiullina actually made a discovery, saying that the Russian economy is showing a shift away from dependence on oil. Naturally, if the price drops by half on the main source of income within the structure of budget revenues it varies considerably, but to make it as a success is stupid. The need is presented by virtue. Either Nabiullina herself does not understand what she was talking about, or she thinks the audience are idiots.

About the substitution no one stutters, the benefit even to the authorities became clear that with such meager source data it is a stillborn idea. Nobody is going to industrialize the state and without that substitution is problematic.

It seems that the list of measures will be similar to the list of everything which can be sold and was overlooked by authorities and is in state ownership. As Vyakhirev said, they only know how to subtract and divide. Nothing else besides further sale of the labors of generations of ancestors, they can not offer. In a falling market everyone will be sold at bargain prices – apparently they expect to profit even on accident.

Apparently all this is connected with the sudden ferocity of Putin’s phrase about Lenin, who allegedly laid the groundwork for the collapse of Russia. The current oligarchs and their political cover can’t forgive SovGov (Soviet Gov) that it was unable to create more national wealth for 70 years, what present thieves have plundered for 20 years. To criticize “poperednikov”*) (ancestors), business as usual, but modern authorities, of course, the most logical is to be silent in a duster. It will only fit in a gap between the years of collapse of the USSR which they initiated and the years of the collapse of Russia, which they rapidly prepare now. There’s no other achievements behind them except this gap.


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