Herman Gref? “Fu***ing bastard!” – Wrote Senator

Pretty pi**ts Why not? Read yourself. 🙂

The Senator called Gref’s a total beast

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Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Igor Morozov on Friday, January 22, on his page in Facebook called the head of Sberbank Herman Gref a fucking bastard.

In his opinion, if Gref had not been at the time the Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Russia would not be “such a catastrophic dependency” on oil and gas.

Vancouver flies… and are flying in helicopters and seaplanes, and it is the common means of transportation between the Islands. If the Minister of Economic Development of Russia had not have been Gref in zero years, we would now have also been flying… And wouldn’t have the catastrophic dependence and oil and gas. But we remember the statements by Gref that it is easier to buy 100 of Boeing than to give this money to the Russian producers.

Gref failed as well with direct instruction from the President to establish a deep processing of wood, but not to export “a round timber”. Much of what failed in Gref the Zero and now he declares that Russia is downshifter. Fucking beast!

https://www.facebook.com/sffsmorozov/videos/vb.100006931057615/1696296040611415/?type=2&theater – zinc is

the indignation expressed Morozov, being in the 24th session of the Asia-Pacific parliamentary forum (APPF) in Vancouver, Canada. Morozov attached to your account in social networks video, which shows the takeoff of a seaplane.

http://lenta.ru/news/2016/01/22/morozov_vs_gref – zinc

That’s what makes crisis alive, so they went at once to slaughter the truth.

PS. By the way, the dollar and oil prices after yesterday’s collapse played back a bit today, which once again proves that neither putting on white sheets in advance and forecasts about the fact that the ruble would collapse to 200 is realistic, nor is mantra about the fact that oil will play up to 80-100 dollars per barrel.

PS2. On the suggestions from the Federation Council to set a fixed rate of 40 rubles per dollar – it is hardly applicable to the current state of the economy, because in addition to the substantial growth of the black market currency, it just will accelerate the withdrawal of capital abroad. Fixed rate might be appropriate with closed borders and a steeper control over the circulation of capital, but at the moment, therefore, it is believed, the proposal will not pass.


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