One of A Few Daring Against All Odds And The Tsar of Putinites

Russia’s economy is officially recognized as raw and lagging
From: Maxim Kalashnikov blog, January 19th, 2016, 09:52 pm, by Yuri NERSESOV

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

Commenting on the results of the latest meeting of the Security Council, assistant Secretary of security Council Sergey Vakhrukov spoke in detail about the threats hanging over the economy. According to Vahrukov, these are “low competitiveness, preservation of raw materials export model of development and high dependence on external economic conditions, delays in the development and implementation of advanced technologies”.

From Kremlin propagandonami*) (propagandists) come out so many stories about successes of the Russian economy and the country’s liberation from dependence on natural resources, but to believe their bullshit after such a statement would be just indecent. The Assistant Secretary of the Security Council is not belolentochnye*) (white-ribbon oppositionist) but loyal official and experienced bureaucrat. Leaving post of 1st Secretary of the Yaroslavl regional Committee of the Komsomol to the Governor of the Yaroslavl region and Deputy Minister of regional development, he never chatted and was giving his point of vision for the position of the leadership. So, the above is not Vahrukov’s personal opinion and not even the opinion of his boss, former FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev. He has recognized and named economy of Russia as export of raw materials and outdated, to entire Security Council headed by Vladimir Putin.

And how can you not recognize? According to Rosstat, from 288 712 million dollars of Russia’s exports for January-October 2015 at the fuel and energy commodities, primarily crude oil and natural gas, accounted for 184 899 million or 64%. With the removal of metals, wood, precious stones and furs raw material component dominates completely, and the share of high-tech products is insignificant. Exports of machinery and equipment for the same ten months of last year – 19 of 120 million, i.e. 6,7% of the total.

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