“Grand Strategy of Vladimir Putin”

Old text but good, concise. Original post (translated, use the hyperlink at the bottom of the post) from Sputnik & Pogrom website is long but worth to look into. Rigort selected summery, me too. Check the date of the post against current events and think the points over. Outdated? A little but worth to confront them with other posts I published in my blog.

Grand Strategy of Vladimir Putin: what it was, what resulted and what will happen next
From: rigort, 2015-10-27 21:46:00

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From a recent explanatory article prosvirnina (worth a read):

“from under swamp rocks and snags out a whole army of geopolitical experts, aspiring round-the-clock to bear the tiresome nonsense about a “strategy”, and “a cunning plan” and “showed the Yankees”, not noticing the obvious facts:

1. Ukraine is lost, the project of the Eurasian Union is buried, other parties, including Belarus, are beginning openly to oscillate. In Armenia almost happened on the Maidan in Kazakhstan openly flirting with China, Tajikistan devouring threaten Afghanistan, the Taliban. The already built structures of the Eurasian Union are mostly used for illegal import in Russia of the famous Belarusian oysters.

2. Russian national liberation uprising in Ukraine consciously flushed, and for his discharge of the obtained… nothing. Sanctions are not cancelled, the Crimea is not recognized, and even Ukraine doesn’t want to take LDPR on conditions of the Kremlin, continuing a feverish military buildup.

3. Caused by sanctions and falling oil, economic crisis deepens, with no clear strategy on exit does not exist. But there is our ally Iran, increasing oil production to drop prices even lower in the fight for market share. Worse, the first shipments of Arab oil to come even to Poland, poles seducing huge discounts.

4. The future of the Syrian campaign, at best, vaguely in response to the aid of Assad jihadists began to unite for mutual survival. The US strongly refuse the negotiations, demonstrating the desire to sanctions for Ukraine to hang more sanctions for Syria. Diplomatic isolation is not only not broken, but on the contrary, grows ever deeper. Medvedev, who tried to fly to the US to talk, defiantly put out the door.

5. Any ideology, strategy, cunning or not so cunning plan does not exist, since the beginning of Euromaidan, all decisions are situational tactical in nature, the program of building the Eurasian Union into a farce, no other programs, and moreover, there is no debate about their necessity. “And so all is well, could not be better”.

6. Society who fall into euphoria from Syria, seemed to have lost all critical thinking, real experts keep quiet, trying not to contradict “naibolshim (biggest) can afford” citizens, the public space was flooded with clowns and charlatans, ready to bear anything to get on the Federal TV channels. Citizens, forbidding myself to think about failure in achieving the fundamental strategic objectives of Russia, exchange news about the storming of Aleppo and do repost of complementary articles from the Western press (not thinking about the fact that during the transfer, for example, the Western press didn’t praise the Russian army, and the wounded were howling the she-wolf).”


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