Donbass – More News About Those Who Died From SARS

ATTENTION Very serious and tragic issue.

The situation with the unknown virus spread in the Donbas, unfortunately, is getting worse
From: Novorossia. The struggle continues! 9:32 pm January 21st, 2016

More news about those who died from SARS. Yesterday was buried chief of staff of the First Slavic brigade, call sign “Artem”, who had died of pneumonia. Died four soldiers of the brigade. What is the Department will not contact you – sick everywhere, in the battalions of the militia dozens of patients.

Civilians I don’t know. The Ministry of Health says about 12 deaths in DPR, but according to my data died from the disease at least 30. I am sure Donetsk government decrease the figures. And if imperfect (to put it mildly) the state mechanism is unlikely to have records of patients and deaths, especially in cases when died old people.

The first is at risk (when possible death) – people with chronic diseases of the pulmonary system, hepatitis C, oncologist diseases, chronic stress, weakened immunity, etc. the Latter is particularly true of the militia.

This is virus that nobody is able or wants to determine the strain (for the record, it’s H1N1 or one of its mutations). A feature of the disease is rapid incubation period, the cold in three days “falls” down, and begins bilateral pneumonia accompanied by high fever. Four types of new antibiotics can not cope in the treatment of pneumonia, the white blood cells go to zeros as in HIV infection. Even after connecting to artificial ventilation the body refuses to live (possibly very severe intoxication). It is a droplet infection, the risk infection which is nearly 100%.

DPR has still serious shortages of drugs – he was always, and now has become even more acute, as the demand has increased significantly. If in the Rostov region doesn’t have very much (yesterday, we bought all of Ingavirin on pharmaceutical warehouses Rostov – 250 pack. remained), then on Donbass.

We continue to purchase medicines for divisions of DPR. Two days collected half a million rubles, 120 thousand has purchased medicines for several mouth, the next three days will buy drugs for the remaining funds (full report in a week).

To assist in the purchase of medicines by the details specified here: Address for communication:

Alexander Zhuchkovsky

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