Continentalism versus Atlanticism

About the geopolitical situation in the world
From: Information Agency “New Russia”, November 20, 2015, 12:04 by Alexander Dugin

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Recent events on the planet, once again raise the question, what next? Think how powerful? Where is the line at which the separation occurs?

On this and many other told the leader of the International Eurasian Movement, the one who coined our political society and developed the concept of “Geopolitics”, Aleksandr Dugin Gelevich.

– Alexander Gelevich, Hello!

AGD: Hello!

– Events in the last time there was a huge amount of old and past cases will not speak. But how do You assess the current standoff along the axis of good and evil? I. e. Russia, the USA and all other countries, somehow on this axis are strung: they are either in one side or the other side. The world is divided, as in the 14th, as in 39-th year: even today, in the side to stay will not work for anybody. The example of Turkey – they really are and with ISIL and the United States, and with someone else. We would like to the anti epilepsy coalition was really serious, powerful and active. What is Your opinion of the events that happen in the world?

AGD: All of the events that occurred over the last two centuries, and, perhaps, for this last age, should be considered from the point of view of the confrontation of Land and Sea. Let me remind you, the Land generates its own type of civilization. In the center stands the house as the cultural crown of the natural being, man lives in the world of quality spaces, natural topography which determines the forms of social organization and statehood. The sea begets a different type of civilization. In the centre stands the ship, that is the sea space dictates strict separation of human (crew) and non-human (the monotony of the seascape). So there is the juxtaposition of man and the world. Social relations are based on the principles of individualism, social contract.

I believe that it is an effective and the most successful, the most convenient explanatory system. Any other will be less accurate, less convincing, while more complex. If you take the simple form of explanation for what’s happening, the best and succinct, well-reasoned and explain the events that happen today that happened yesterday and those that will occur tomorrow, is geopolitics. As soon as we abandon geopolitics, we start to get into this abundance of details and pine. that simply do not allow to understand what is happening: who is the enemy, who is a friend, but still friends and enemies change. Indeed, if you look at Turkey – who is she? Do not understand. Who are the Islamic terrorists, which on the one hand the Americans, and the Europeans are funding?

First of all, talking about France. She has actively sponsored the Libyan campaign, the “Libyan rebels”, supported by the whole West, almost created ISIS and gave them weapons. Now there is a huge amount of public information available on the transfer of Libyan arms to the Syrian opposition, it’s obvious, and nobody hides. But, and U. S. victims of terrorists – 9/11, and France – Friday the 13th in Paris.

If to put aside the politics and try to explain these events any other way, will immediately accumulate such a number of pine. that either we will be forced to turn to theories of global conspiracy, or some other extravagant forms of analysis, or just to spit on attempts to explain the world and just to say: the main thing now is to eat, to make a career, in General, to get some momentary satisfaction, to go to rest… But, for example, flew on vacation to Egypt and never returned. Blew up the plane over Sinai.

Even if we are the most innocent people and believe that life-world is the last horizon, and everyday hassle is the essence of our being, history, politics, war, geopolitics, still overtaken us. Be sure to catch him and no one would be able to live.

We are inside history, and if we don’t complete nihilists life-world, and are not complete fanatics-people who only like to eat, and there though grass not to grow, if we agree that History exists, then we will be forced to seek an explanation of what is happening.

There are many theories, many explanations, but I am convinced on the basis of their life experience and their research that there is a single scheme, which is more or less (not completely and not all the nuances) explains what is happening. Is the great war of continents, the confrontation between two types of civilizations: the land and the Sea.

It was not invented by Russians, it came up with not even the Germans, it was invented by the British, for the convenience of constructing the strategy of the British Empire in the early twentieth century. Specifically, the Englishman Halford Mackinder.

Zbigniew Brzezinski by the us elite continue to rely on this model. Even if we scream that geopolitics is a pseudo — science that it’s not that it explains nothing, then, whether we like it or not, American policymakers are still guided by this vision of the world. Therefore, we can either also study geopolitics, or to be passive sheep being led to slaughter, lead round around your finger on each stage and just used as an object. But, if we want to be the subject of History, we should study geopolitics. Though, because the one dominant force that is the hegemon of the modern world, I’m talking about the USA, rely on geopolitics in its strategic planning.

So, is the great war of continents. After 1991 there was a significant strengthening of the pole Sea, or sea power “sea power”. It is called a unipolar moment. Sea conquered the Land. On behalf of Sushi the last few centuries were made by Russia, first Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union, 90 Russian Federation, Eurasia is still Hartland, this is the civilization of the land, against which under different ideological slogans is a constant struggle continents.

The fight is very specific to the Anglo-Saxon world, which took in some historical period the mission of “sea power”, sea power, Sea of civilization. It occurs on Hartland, civilization land, ie on us. This is the great meaning of the war of the continents. It did not stop when changing ideological forms, Russia may be: Royal – fights and fights with the British Empire, the monarchy against monarchy. May be the ideological struggle, the confrontation of two systems, socialist and capitalist, the masks are different, the meaning is the same. It can be democratic – today, the American democracy and Russian democracy. Here is a battle of two democracies, a deadly battle between two democracies is now. In order to justify the battle with democracy they need to say that we are not a democracy but an authoritarian regime, and we need to hang all the dogs on them and say: you “axis of evil”, “devil”, which is absolutely correct. In any case, we need to exchange pleasantries, although by all indications the strict political science it is about the conflict between two democracies: Russian democracy and Western democracy. But Russia and the US is not in conflict because they are different versions of democracy, but because one of them is the civilization of the land, and the other the Sea.

Therefore, all that is happening in Europe, the middle East, Turkey, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Northern Caucasus and in the former Ukraine – all of this makes sense only in the context of the great war of continents. When we put these events in the geopolitical system of coordinates.

If we try the method on the contrary…… to be distracted from geopolitics, to say: no, geopolitics does not exist, there are other explanations, we fall into some abyss. Next we begin to talk about the details, you may be right, may be wrong, but they’re not leading us. Or we just build an arbitrary concept and instead ordered model, geopolitical, just starting to build deliriosnye*) (delirium like) scheme, in the spirit of clinical organizations, which are awash with today’s Russia. Where any fool – “Beethoven”, each believes that everyone understands package of a package of a package of a package of a package of a package of a and is poorly structured nonsense. It goes on totally different levels, from state institutions, which would still fulfill the order, to an individual or group of crazy sects, which are awash with modern Russian society.

So, just geopolitics. The one who don’t agree with it, turns off the channel and switched on some movies, see Malakhov (he’s all good), how to feed a cat, how to cast the lure – and many other useful things out of geopolitics. If not geopolitics, life, or delusion.

But if geopolitics, then let us think. So, the great war of continents. Due to the geopolitical system of coordinates, we rajoniem*) (regionalize) the whole world into two camps: the civilization of the Sea, which today belong to the United States and England, the latter as a satellite, although it was formerly the metropolis. On the other hand, at the opposite pole are Russia, i.e. Eurasia, the traditional civilization of the land. Between them are spaces of Rimland, i.e. the coastal zone, or the inner Crescent by Mackinder. This Crescent moon is from Europe, across the Mediterranean, through the middle East, down to the coastal zone of Eurasia, including Iran, India, China, etc. for this zone, for Rimland and there is a struggle between civilization and the civilization of the Sea Sushi. Who controls Rimland controls that everything.

Rimland can be controlled with sushi*) (from land) and then we are talking about the strengthening of Russia’s positions. Russian strategists even 19th century talked about the need for Russia to the warm seas, this means direct control of, or alliances with the power of Rimland. Either we conquer these countries, if you can’t, or don’t want to win, concluded with them a strategic Alliance. From the point of view of geopolitics is still. We conquer a country or make her a friend. It is important that we are among friends and not among strangers. And that does not belong to the Land, belongs to the Sea. Nothing else happens.

So the whole area of Western Europe, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain represents a field of geopolitical struggle, i.e. a continental power with Maritime. So either France and Germany, either with us or with them, with Washington. Hollande and Merkel about the same space as Yanukovych: a step towards the West, step to the East. Europe is too proud to understand their dependence on Hartland, although the best of geopolitics who think rationally understand that Europe is not self-sufficient and will not be able to be self-sufficient, without defining its relations with Russia. In Alliance with Russia she may be sovereign, within the continental model. In marine models, especially today, in the framework of the American hegemony it has already unable to be sovereign, independent and free, even relatively. That’s exactly right.

So the fight is in Europe and it explains the meaning of European policy. Basic elite, of course, NATO, atlanticheskii*) (Atlanticist) and Pro-American, but nevertheless all the more raise the head of continental power. Today she is demonized, today they are called nationalists, whatever called. But actually it is the rise of continental Europe, the European rise of Eurasianism. In Europe it’s called Continentalism, supporters of European identity, European sovereignty. They will be objectively for us, even if they don’t like us. They’re just realizing their own the position will be for us.

In Europe there is a rising wave of opposition, continentalism, crushed and barely breathing on this stage as a response to a failed and atlanticheskih*) incompetent liberal elites.

Today it is a fact of politics. It will continue tomorrow. Confrontation in Europe between continentalism and Atlanticism will be the Central fact of politics, and after a while, you may provide the basis for a European civil war. Americans just will not leave Europe. The Sea to date, only one strategy: all they can’t control falls into Chaos.

Interviewed By Eugene Smith, News-Front.


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