Why Putin May Be Right

Not only Novorossia but whole Ukraine will be in Russia or in Russian sphere of influence, so are the plans. There’s no other choice if Russia must exist in the world of American and AngloNazi warmongers. It was clearly stated by Rostislav Ishchenko in interview on Syria and Novorossiya. See the next post here.

BTW. I corrected the Yandex translation for better style and understanding.

Why Minsk is impossible, what will happen next and whether you can denazification Ukraine?
From: Politikus.ru,

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

Initially Minsk was impossible to be fulfilled and no one was going to do it. For Ukraine and the U.S. – that time was needed to train the armies, pumped by military experts and weapons and for training fighters. For Russia – that time was set to potowatomi*) (prepare) to possible war with the United States. Why do they need war, I think everyone knows. All noticed how intense trainings are going on in armed forces of RF and NATO? That’s it… So that’s why on TV and in the Internet such discord – some say one thing, others the second. Openly saying about it one must not.

The same diplomatic game was going on ahead of WWI*) and WWII*) when, in addition to higher power and a deeply politically interested people, almost no one could understand what was going on. Of course, I hope for the better solution, for example, for the Wall Street stock market crash and then the United States crash, under the weight of colossal debt of $19 trillion! Maybe Putin is also looking forward to that, the more so all the prerequisites for that are… In general terms – the time delay works for us.

Temporarily territorially trimmed Republics of Novorossiya are almost fully integrated with Russia, not only geographically. From the 1st September 2015, the Ruble became the official currency, there are also police, Central Bank, tax and other civil service. For the Army of the DPR and LPR (to call them militia has long been ill-defined) works px* (Voyentorg = Military Trade) bringing the whole range of weapons, ammunition and fuel. For altogether bad development of the affairs, holiday-payed troops of “Northern Wind” were deployed, in case the military actions would go very bad. So where is the drain (sold out, surrender)?

Even if the huckster Waltzman wanted peace in exchange in humane court and to save business for family – he will not do it, nor the American curators, which, I repeat, they need war nor the “Nationalist Right Sectors” (Right Sector thugs). Putin understands that excellently and slowly builds state and army in DPR/LPR, thereby buying time for updating armament of the Russian Armed Forces in the case of TMV*) (WWIII). He further legitimizing the institutions of power in the New Russia, as the Americans at the time it was made in Kosovo. Interestingly, while Americans institutionalization of power in Kosovo – all of our patriots shouted that all! The area is no longer Serbian, Russia merged, etc., and now in a similar situation, but with institutionalization with the help of Russia, they scream about draining the New Russia!

With the Minsk agreements – which most of them was Putin, Ukraine and the West were trapped, what they didn’t expected, beginning the Ukrainian turmoil. But not to get into the trap they could not, too, for it’d exposed the Kiev gangs and the West in a bad light. They expected, and it is not funny, on the collapse of Russia under the weight of sanctions and the betrayal of the liberal part of our government. Points of Minsk and their mandatory sequence – leads to a complete reformatting of Ukraine, beneficial for Russia and to pass on powers to the DNR/LNR authorities of Novorossiya PEACEFULLY, for a little bargain as a plus.

I think, Ukraine cannot return to normal state anymore, yes, but it needs to be done?

For example, during WWII we and the Germans also hated each other except for adequate number Germans who were were in the USSR, or were sitting in concentration camps… now, after the war, the GDR became one of our most loyal allies and it was headed by the Germans, who were hiding during the war in the USSR. And how quickly they restabilise*) (zombified).

And the Germans and the French, fiercely hating each other, after the last 3 wars for only 70 years, and even your Crimea in the form of Alsace-Lorraine – miraculously quickly made up and created in the early 50-ies the Union of Coal and Steel, which became the prototype and Foundation for the future of the European Union.

Another good example: Romania, Finland and Bulgaria were allies of Hitler. Once their land joined the Red Army – there was a committed Pro-Soviet coup and the army turned against former allies. Romanian king Mihai I was awarded the Order of Victory for siding with the USSR and assistance in resolving local junta.

Also many people mistakenly believe that Russia needs to liberate only one New Russia, and the rest to left and to let them go alone. And you all know that in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is full of the relics of Russian saints, including the FOUNDER of MOSCOW Yury Dolgoruky, Nestor the Chronicler, Anthony and Theodosius of Pechersk, the epic hero Ilya Muromets AI and the tomb of Prime Minister of Russian Empire Piotr Stolypin. I’m not talking about the fact that Kiev is the spiritual center of Russian people, the place of baptism of Russia without Kiev Russia wounded as a nation. It’s like Poland without Cracow (Kraków) or Germany without Rhine-Westphalia.

In general, everything will be fine! Russians never start wars, they finish them off!


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