How Yandex Translator On-line Works Against Russia

Interesting text for translator So many errors and (purposefully?) fakes I did not see before. My comment inside the post.

In the Wake of downshifter

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Glazyev has very clearly commented on the recent Gref revelations about the “country-of downshifter”.

Sergey Glazyev, assistant to the President, has answered on the forum “Support of Russia” to the statement of President of Sberbank German Gref that Russia has lost the scientific and technical competition.

“Mr Gref says now that we lost the competition. How could we lose a competition, when we had at the beginning of 1990-ies the most educated population, a powerful scientific and technical potential… we had enormous growth potential. How come Gref and others tried the competition to win?” he said.

“In 1990 was formed completely anti-social model of government and business, anti-Russian from the point of view of moral principles – when the state pretended that it regulates and the business pretended that produces something. That is when was born corrupt oligarchic system that has stifled healthy business”, — said Glaziev

Earlier, Gref said that Russia was the country of downshifters and lost the technological competition. “We lost the competition — must be honest. And a technological enslavement — I would say, we just happen to be among the countries that are losing, among downshifters”, — Gref said at the Gaidar Forum.

PS. So the answer to the question “How?” gave Chubais – then they’re not the economy engaged, and fought with communism.

Together with communism were falling prospects of the country and now when the result of their work was very obvious, they talk about the downshifters. What causes the struggle with communism in the most brilliant form may be watched on Ukraine, where “dreams come true” – advisers, but for most people the result were depressing.

Regarding the corrupt oligarchic system, Glazyev encroaches here on the well-known protective myth that the oligarchy under Putin’s rule allegedly disappeared and was not built into the system of power within the “new consensus”.

(Kassander: Yandex translated the above paragraph without “under Putin’s rule” and added “Jewish oligarchy” not present in original text. Noteworthy how Yandex works against Russia! I had to correct the crap, you can see how very careful one has to be using on-line translators!)

Well, if the oligarchs are in the majority have not gone anywhere and still play a significant role in the economy, it is no wonder that their underlings from the 90s still runs the economy and talks on “Gaidar Forum” how tough future awaits Russia and with such view they have nothing common with that.


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