About Neo-Napoleons of Russian Economy

China has turned their backs on us. The crisis is not far off
From: Indeed, By Maxim Kalashnikov

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

On our eyes fell PR-Mirage of authorities about any allied relations with China. Beijing showed that its main partner is the West. Mirages of the Kremlin are dispersed one after the other. But emerges some serious “synergy” crisis just in time for the election campaign of 2016. When a visible drift of the GDP (Putin) towards liberals.

By Maxim Kalashnikov

Political “pop”

Watching and reading official media propaganda is not possible: it is a parallel world in pink light. The predictions of Andrei Fursov: the policy was finally divided. So, for subject, debilitating cattle – a sort of show business with jesters –the politicians, the jesters – “political scientists” and biting stock/statements. And for the gentlemen – the world of closed reports and certificates. World of backroom deals and actions, the aims of which have nothing to do with a killing propaganda productions. Pop “politics” has become a hybrid of virtual images, schizophrenic statements, inflamed “conspirologists” etc.


Chinese gift


I want to tell how Russia looks against Chinese elite. As a dwarf. All that was valuable in the science and technology of the Russians (made in the USSR), China pulled out of Russia in the 1990s and the “zero” years. Now Soviet developments objectively obsolete – with the Russian Federation anything will never receive it. In high-tech industries, in construction, in electronics, machinery and shipbuilding China is way ahead of Russia. And now the Chinese are smiling to the Kremlin through the slits of his eyes, in his heart despised.


SysLib win

It is obvious that the available balance of the “security officers – syslib*)”, on which stood the famous Putin’s stability, is now destroyed. Security forces increasingly become a “basillicum”*) (powerless guys). The President is clearly drifting toward “system liberals”. He gives them freedom of action in the economy. He praises them. It encourages Nabiullina (the Central Bank) and Medvedev (the Cabinet where the economy is filled “syslibs”). He blesses their acts with his authority. Within those untouchable and respected gurus of economy – Kudrin and Gref. Syslibs get away with outright opposition and sabotage “absorption” of Crimea. Governing powers clearly stands behind (support them) guard bankers and financial speculators, commodity officials (the shadow of the oligarchs). Turning back to industry.

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Logical conclusion


Such “liberal imperialism” – not news. First he was announced in the 1860s Napoleon III, the regime of which (1851-1870.) called the rule of the plunderers of the Treasury, speculators and bankers. The Parallels are obvious. Corruption, cult of personality, polycystina and censorship under Napoleon III was raging. With France draining their strength in wars-adventures – in Crimea, in Indo-China, Italy and Mexico.


Numerous adventurous and ruinous for the economy of war has led to the fact that even the big bourgeoisie was irritated by the regime of Napoleon III. On the eve of the war of 1870 Thiers, one of the leaders of the bourgeois opposition, exclaimed: “There is the mistake which the government has not committed!” More democratic Leon Gambetta called Louis-Napoleon and his advisors clique “of people without talent, without honour, flecked with debts and crimes.” (Kirill Andreev. “On the threshold of a new era” – Moscow, “Sovetskiy pisatel”, 1971, p. 162).

The upshot of all this is extremely sad for the “little Napoleon”, and for France. A much smaller Prussia in 1870 defeated country in the war, and the French army was as rotten and provozovani that are unable to offer a serious resistance to the Germans…

I’m very sad that history repeats itself.

But the more important it is to get ready to storm and chaos. Which, alas, is inevitable. Consciousness, free of debris pop politics, understands this painfully clearly…

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