Russian Judahs, Nabiullinas and System Liberasts

Insane Yudaeva. Putin decided to “suicide himself”?

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Maxim Kalashnikov

K. Yudaeva, assistant of Nabiullina (they are to each other) stated that the Central Bank is ready to raise interest rate to combat inflation. Supposedly, this should be done after the ruble again fell and the oil price fell.

In general, the delusions of a deranged monetarist. Does the fact that the Central Bank will raise interest rates on loans, imported goods and components (which thus depends on the Russian Federation) will fall in price?

Because their price is expressed in foreign currency, and from the actions Nabiullina, foreign suppliers will not provide discounts for buyers from Russia. And to substitute imports in the Russian Federation for their production: the credits for the real sector are unsustainable. The higher interest on loans – the more inflation in the Russian Federation. Because of the actions of the CBR, the inflation will not decrease, but only increase faster.

It is understood by all but the morons from the leadership of the Central Bank.


We are not schizophrenics from GCD Fedorov and know perfectly well that the Russian President may at any time to change the leadership of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The current Constitution of 1993, it was not difficult for Yeltsin to change the heads of the Central Bank (although only in the most worst, type Dubinin).

And if Putin does not do that, it proves only one thing: politics of Nabiullina and Yudayeva were approved.

Wild round of crisis in Rastede*) (RF) just predefined, and we do not need to shake off “noodles” that soon the dollar and America will be finished. The finish will be here first! (…)

(…) Sane leaders would just cut off the speculators from the MICEX, entering order: buy currency only under real contracts! This is not done. Thus ideological insanity in the Kremlin is now much worse than under Brezhnev.

And Perestroika-2 is already beginning. Ready and potential “the Prime Minister of Perestroika” Ryzhkov of our days: Gref. A creature with chemically pure Washington consensus in the skull and despising everything Russian. (We will write). And Russia went to the finals.

It is already clear that the hopes for – “the Thunder strike – Putin will cross himself” – is empty. The thunder roars of cannonade, continuous peals, but no one is baptized. It’s amazing to see what Kremlin with his own hands does to the country. This was inadequate since the days of Gorbachev. We are told that GDP*) (Putin) needs to be given unlimited power to expand its powers? Well, these powers will get Judayevym (from Juda, Judah), Nabiullinovym (Nabiullinas) and other Silybum*) (system liberals). The thugs (destroyers, demolishers, erazers) of the national industrial, scientific and agricultural businesses.


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