Hess-sssahasahassss…. Simple, a Parseltongue “On Air”…

AgoraVox: Nuland Surkov warned about the “imminent attack NATO”

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Assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Victoria Nuland met with the Advisor of Vladimir Putin in Kaliningrad hoping “to prevent a world war.” Like Rudolf Hess – Hitler’s henchman, who arrived in 1941 to Scotland to make peace with Britain, – Nuland tried to prevent further aggravation of Russian-American relations, which would “pay all”.


The American diplomat “aggressively” asked for a personal meeting with Vladimir Putin, whom she, by the way, likes to call “your goddamn king”. The Russian President, knowing the “undivided commitment” Nuland, Hillary Clinton, and not Barack Obama, in the meeting she refused. But his “influential” adviser Vladislav Surkov at a meeting with Nuland still sent.(…)

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