“The Winter of New Reykjavik”

I worked hard to correct the seminal text. Read it fully, at least in my quotes. Although the remaining parts are equally interesting. Learn to think about Russia, Kremlin and her leadership through the eyes of Russians.

From: Maxim Kalashnikov, January 17th, 2016, 12:00

(Click to enlarge) Maxim Kalashnikov

*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

So I have lived to see another defeat of the country in the cold war. The consequences will have to disentangle for a long time…

The beginning of 2016 (the Covenant “Surkov-Nuland”) will be included in the inglorious history of the Russian Federation as a defeat in the Cold war-2. The power of ordinary people, deciding to play cool imperialists, exhausted in less than two years. Now the Beau Monde of the Russian Federation will become the equivalent of Saddam Hussein after Iraq was beaten to a pulp in January-February 1991. Seems in power, but at the same time under the sanctions, with the stigma of disgrace of the world, with a dying economy. And in the mean time – analogous to Gorbachev after the fall of 1986.

We already for 70 years studying the vicissitudes of the Second World War, a quarter of a century judged and thought over about the fall of the USSR in December 1991. It’s time to rethink and a new defeat. The events are reminiscent not only 1916-d, and 1986. The Russian Federation went into an extremely dangerous band of his history. Is about to begin the second transformation.


At the beginning of 2016 Moscow has failed on all fronts and directions. It fell in the confrontation with the West early in the spring of 2014, she had (unlike Stalin) dull commodity economies, high dependence on import of all kinds of goods from Western banks (lending to Russia). Less than two years later Moscow suffered an economic defeat and forced to beg for mercy, giving LDNR Ukraine.

And it is clear: Stalin before the war, from 1929 to 1941 was able to build a powerful industrial economy ready for war. The Germans in 1933-1939 years (already having a strong science, industry and agriculture) albeit not perfectly, but mobilized its economy for war. The United States due to Roosevelt’s New Deal was able to maintain its powerful production capacity and by 1941, was persistent, innovative, brutal battle.

The Kremlin rushed to fight, backed by the pitiful remnants of the industry not even the USSR and the RSFSR, and shops filled with imports. And the government economic block of pure “fifth column”.

The West very quickly torn to shreds Putin’s economy (K: Putinomics?), cutting off Russia from the source of cheap credit, technology of oil production and dropping world prices for “rock oil”. Russia was brought to its knees: got the prospect of a complete economic and political collapse.

With winter 2015-2016 even our rulers have become clear: the world has entered a time of new scientific and industrial revolution, and commodity prices (the main source of the income primitiveservlet*) RF) fall for years to come. The age of oil ends. Of the Russian Federation for many years immersed in the need.

At the same time even the Kremlin becomes clear that the monstrous scientific and technical backwardness that’s accumulated since 1991 – and now opened up to the abyss. What are the main income in the world, not the raw material enterprises but technologically and industrially developed powers.

All. A dead end. And naturally. And no propaganda is going to mask that. Long ago Maxim Kalashnikov said that the result of the failure of the Kremlin in its mongrel “reimperialization”*) (lie-imperialism) will become Perestroika-2.*) The first restructuring began after the meeting between Gorbachev and Reagan in Reykjavik in October 1986. It was there that the Soviet leadership had agreed to withdraw in all directions and to go on unprecedented concessions. The equivalent of Reykjavik can be safely assumed to be the negotiations of Surkov and Nuland in the Kaliningrad region.(…)



Americans by the beginning of the events in Ukraine in November 2013 had thousands of long ago selected, organized and mobilized supporters of the anti-Russian movement. From peace activists to outright fighters neopentanoate*) (neobanderites, banderivtsi).

Of the Russian Federation to the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis (Cryogenmash*) war) didn’t had anything. A little – in the Crimea (where without the help of Russian troops, nothing would have happened), and almost nothing in the Pro-Russian part of previous Ukrainian SSR, in the Donbas and the Northern Black Sea coast. Everyone had to create in hassle in terrible conditions. Supposedly a lot of money (10 times more than American costs), a glove by the Kremlin to Ukraine, left, or nowhere, or in support of any type of scum Yanukovych and his mobs.

When came the time to act, Moscow gave the South-East 52 Strielkov fighters, just a single squad. Although in the chaos of “polemics” quick entry of 15-20 of these units could paralyze Kiev and lead to a rapid branch of the South-East. The chance to issue proclamation of Novorossiya in Kharkov on 22 February 2014 was lost.

Let’s remember, how worked Stalinist leadership, when the war began. To expand the guerrilla and diversionary war in Tulu formidable enemy, the then Kremlin has created special forces in record time – Separate motorized rifle brigade (OMSBON) of the NKVD. From athletes and masters of sabotage acts. By the beginning of the battle of Moscow in November 1941 OMSBON was ready. In the Leningrad region began to operate guerrilla-sabotage detachment of the students of Institute of Physical Culture Lesgaft. (I advise you to read the memoirs of Pavel Sudoplatov).

Further, the NKVD was able to establish the drop to the rear of the Germans of hundreds of trained groups of special forces – nuclei of guerrilla units. Each group, having a personnel of SWAT, weapons and communications, quickly became the “Bud” for much larger forces “forest archers” and the urban underground.

Has the current Kremlin been able to do something similar, starting in the spring of 2014? You know the answer yourself.

In the end the whole Novorossia was reduced to shooting each other two pieces of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. And already badly damaged (like Russia during the Civil war). Instead of the lightning Anschluss – protracted exhausting, sadistically brutal war. With the collapse of society and public management in LDNR. There with rampant corruption and crime. Moreover, Donbass became the Russian analogue of the sucking war in Afghanistan for the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

The Kremlin of our days earned vneshnepoliticheskoi*) almost complete (in foreign policy) isolation. Stalin in 1941 it had. He was at war with Germany and Italy, but not fought with the third Axis power (Japan) and received assistance from the US and the UK.

And then the Kremlin tried outsmart the collapse of its economy. And during the crisis podmorozit*) (did froze) fighting in the Donbass, and so, not solving the problem in Ukraine rushed to fight in Syria. In order to Deplete and undermine its economy.

Well, the West hit back very precisely and painfully.

* The visit of Didier Burkhalter in Moscow may 7, 2014 – (was) the threat to take away their belongings acquired by overwork in foreign banks.

* Death of A. Ivanov on the beach in UAE on 3 November 2014, the son of the head of the presidential administration of Russia, Sergey Ivanov – (it appeared as) threat to kill any children of the “elite”.

* The excommunication of the Russian economy from Western loans (long money) and attacks on the ruble destabilization and undermining of the economy.

* The decline in world oil prices, deflation of the world market of Iran and torpedoing the Russian budget, and personal income “elites”.

Blows strong, violent and sniper like!

The result was a shameful fiasco.

Yes, I read the current propagandists – and about the imminent collapse of the EU with Schengen, and about the coming collapse of the dollar, and that Obama is a monkey. But even if that happened, then to Russia with her incompetent leadership, that would not help.


How to describe the Cold War-2 artistically, which began in Spring 2014? Perhaps, as a battle of rats and eagles. Why? Because the symbol of the United States – the bald eagle. And rasasa*) (Russian) “elite” are rats. Because it consists of restricted ordinary people-citizens, consumers, formed during Brine-Gorbachev*) (Brezhnev-Gorbachev). Well, one of those jeans and the gum was ready to betray the Empire and the Idea. Well, not for jeans – but really for the loot, imported luxury, “beautiful life”. Just that the rats fell into the clutches of enormous wealth.

On the one hand the financial and political aristocracy that emerged in class. With extensive experience in hiromasa*) (slyly managing) business and spec-operations, with the school in the form of the world’s leading universities and “brain factories”. (American of the powerful moves intermittently between positions in big business, government, politics and think tanks, getting a diverse experience and learning all life.)

On the other hand is dull and devoid of fantasy krasucki*) (rats) with billions. Besides, these pazuki*) and pray for all of the West, despising their own, Russian. In General, the outcome of the collision was not hard to predict. Eagles, the students of ivy League and “Skull bones” (closed societies) holding emission center of the world and the global centers of technological leadership, easily beat the rats. Using virtually the same techniques as that of Reagan against the USSR the 1980’s (the eagles were sure that rats don’t know).


Now you understand how difficult that defeat will be for us. And how hard have to work to pull the country from the clutches of death even in the best case: if we can end the stupid rule of kleptocracy.

Hypothetically Moscow has only one chance to save the situation: to start a new industrialization, decisively rejecting liberal monetarist course and brutally cutting out the old “elite”.

However, this version is hypothetical. For the CentroGov of the Russian Federation is struck with monetarist insanity.

And his “Perestroika-2” is reduced to the replacement of Prime Minister Medvedev on one of three shapes: Gref, Kudrin or Shuvalov. Who are the same – diamond covered monetarists from the Washington consensus, and therefore will continue the same course of Gaidar-Chubais, tightly blocking the ability of new industrialization of the Russian Federation.

What more, all those three figures, possible the “Premiers of Second Perestroika” – are pro Western guys. Gref already, in fact, issued a Manifesto of new adjustment with acceleration. At the Gaidar Forum in 2016. He already tries to assume the post of Prime Minister.

I stop on this I allowed myself to say. Outside the window – Winter. The Winter of new Reykjavik…


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