Rubles For Novorossiya

Another hope for Novorossiya?

How Russia finances the Ukrainian rebel territories
From: niqnaq

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Julian Röpcke, Bild (in English), Jan 16 2016

Since 2014, two unique state entities have been established in eastern Ukraine. They call themselves the “People’s Republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk. But both the pro-Russian propaganda in the “republics” and the Russian President Vladimir Putin (63) think that a different name is more appropriate for the region of Ukrainian conflict: “Novorossiya”. This conception is based on ethnicity and culture and entirely against international law. (It) also explains what we know so far of Russia’s support for the separatist territories. Numerous studies propaganda efforts have ‘shown’ (my fucking sneer quotes, alright – RB) that, between the spring of 2014 and the summer of 2015, it was the Russian army who led the separatists alleged (sic) to one military victory after another against Ukraine. But hardly any information is available as to how the self-proclaimed People’s Republics with their 3.8 million inhabitants have been able to cope economically and socially ever since. Even before the conflict, industry in the region was mostly dilapidated. Since then, it lies almost entirely in ruins. Ukraine has cut the region off from almost all welfare benefits and the banking system. Officially, only Russia delivers relief supplies approximately twice a month in its now famous “humanitarian convoy” of several dozen white trucks. Overall, this is not nearly enough to guarantee a more or less intact life in an area the size of Thuringia. This extensive investigation shows why millions of people can still lead a more or less bearable life in these areas. Through numerous interviews with the concerned local population in the cut-off territory of “Novorossiya”, insights into documents of the “People’s Republic” and exclusive intelligence findings, a detailed picture has emerged of the extraordinary involvement of Russia in the affairs of its western neighbour.(…)


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