Harbingers of Apocalypse?

The End Is Nigh? series (a thriller for superstitious readers). This blog is unpopular. Maybe the sound will reach to broader audience (readers’ scope)? 😉

Strange sounds are back: “Trumpet of the Apocalypse” sounded again
From: Maks

In the last few weeks, citizens of the Netherlands reported that they had heard strange sounds in the sky. Martin Mastenbroek from Pijnacker, a town in the Dutch province of South Holland, was at home in the evening of 10 January, when he suddenly heard a peculiar sound.

“It sounded like the pipes,” he recalls. “The rumbling lasted for about five seconds. He did come from outside. My friend also heard it.”

Residents in other cities (Bleiswijk, Moordrecht, and Beek Lichtenvoorde) and cities (Gouda, Almere, Heerlen) announced on social media that they have also heard these strange trumpet sounds. One resident of Gouda was able to record sound on camera (see Below). Another audio recording posted on Facebook by ‘Jeff AFCA” that was in Almere at the time.(…)

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