Almighty “Ekonomichesky” Putin

How come Putin must micromanage every aspect of Russian life? From Pampers distribution to watch US stock markets. Unbelievable but Indispensable Russian Man, like Obama, CiC of indispensable American nation.

The chorus of pessimists
From: Okno Planety (The Eye of The Planet),

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Vladimir Putin has urged the government to prepare for any development of the situation on the stock and commodity markets. What does it mean?

On commodity markets, everything is clear – a significant portion of the currency we get from the export of various raw materials and, consequently, falling oil prices rather sad effect on the state of our budget and our trade balance.

I will make a digression here, and I note that oil production is very different from, for example, the production of bananas, or even from the production of shoes. For the production of oil are needed now high and hard technology – and these technologies are needed not only for the physical recovery of oil on the surface (which in itself is not easy).

Get the oil – this is only half the battle. We need more to protect its oil from the greedy Democrats, and then you have to profitably sell oil for its own currency to get an adequate price for it.

If we add to this the fact that the oil – a strategic resource and a scarce, it is clear that oil production – complex, but a profitable and promising business.

However, so far so good for Russia only with the protection of oil: our army reliably protects us from humanitarian bombing. Since technology is worse: we are seriously dependent on Western technology in this area, in case of further deterioration of relations on the production of certain fields will be difficult.

With nefterublёm yet we are also only at the beginning – at least de-dollarization and progressing steadily, but until full nefterublya we still have to work and work: (…)

(…) On commodity markets, once again, everything is clear: some reputable analysts suggest that oil prices could fall in price even more, up to 16 dollars a barrel or even lower. We must prepare for the fact that the budget received less money, and the government will have to spend, or fat stored up, or even cut to the quick important expenses.

But why Vladimir Putin has called on the government to pay attention more on the stock market?

It obviously did not go about our hemp RTS and MICEX – the Russian stock market, even domestic investors will forgive me, it’s such a toy “for the”: our stock market is quite small relative to the size of our economy. If tomorrow the Russian indexes fall 10 times, no one would notice, except who invested their money to players. Companies will work as work and, in general, do not change almost nothing.

Therefore, we appeal to our President was about the stock markets overseas. Well, from the foreign stock markets really affect the situation in Russia can only US stock market – and only if it will collapse into the abyss, thus launching another planet-wide financial crisis.

In my memory this is the first time that our president calls on the government to follow the US stock market. The situation is very intriguing – and it seems that in the coming weeks we will have a chance to see an exciting drama.


The fact that the coming fall of stock prices began to speak aloud as authoritative sources suggests that the US stock exchanges are already, if not beyond, then on the very verge of sliding into the abyss.

Moreover – analysts give their recommendations to listen to them. And the chorus of “bears” could run “self-fulfilling prophecy” – a situation where stocks are falling for the very reason that investors sell them in anticipation of the coming fall.


Hold on tight. The most interesting event is yet to come.

Fritz Moiseevich Morgen


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