Vultures Over Novorossiya – On Kremlin’s Invitation

From: El Murid

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Diplomatic activity around the Donbass looks abnormally high: after Gryzlov’s arrival to Kyiv, meeting Surkov and Nuland, state Department statements significant adjustments (at least verbal) of the previous approaches now in Kiev hastily arrive the messengers of the Chancellor of Germany and France.

The activity resembles the circling of vultures over a dying, and this role is clearly prepared for the Donbass. Predators have come to the conclusion that the victim is quite suitable for the final blow, so to urgently agree what part of the corpse will get.

As I wrote, the secrecy of information about what is happening is unprecedented: before anything, but Oh, now all the information is closed at the top, and usually well-informed performers do not know anything.

It seems that a decision was made to try to solve the problem in the near future – at least, to reach some agreements, which will at this stage be adhered to by all.

more on the nudelman do
From: niqnaq

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(…) Sanctions against the Russian Federation will be cancelled once the Minsk agreement is fully implemented, hostilities are terminated, elections in Donbass and the border of Ukraine restored. So says the coordinator of the State Dept on sanctions, Daniel Fried, reports VoA. The meaning of sanctions is not to punish anyone, but to change strategy, says Fried. They should have a realistic diplomatic goal, having achieved which, they can be cancelled. This is what happened in the case of Iran. Such a result he counts also the situation with Russia, which in some respects begins to perceive the situation more seriously.(…)


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