“For This the Russian Leadership Should Hang”

Surkov and Nuland: the final Comedy-2

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Maxim Kalashnikov

Fog around the “Covenant Surkov-Nuland” dissipates. As is evident from the words of the coordinator of U.S. state Department sanctions Frieda Daniel, we are talking about removal from the Russian Federation of sanctions in return for “the restoration of the Eastern border of Ukraine”. That is, as the Kremlin would forgive the Crimea in exchange for pushing LDNR to Ukraine, in exchange (see previous story) on the suppression of Donbass by hands of Moscow itself, on the removal of Russian volunteers, the destruction of the most ideological commanders and their units.

So my intuition has not deceived: Russian “elite” rats I know all too well.

Here it is “a historic decision”, which, as stated Russian media, “more and more like the USA and Moscow.”


Translate on Russian language. So, in exchange for the Crimea, Donbass pass, which from the beginning were made a bargaining chip, condemning RUSSIAN Donbass to death, injury, destruction, poverty, the prospect of cleansing by Kiev after the return of Donbass “in Ukraine”. Made senseless the heroic death of our volunteers, giving Russian Donbass under the rule of Bandera. For this the Russian leadership should hang on the same gallows with the Kiev junta.

US happy: they once again cheated Kremlin. For the Crimea without other Novorossiya (Crimea is part of it) is doomed to always-depressed status, water and even transport blockade (even her future bridge does not withdraw completely). To live in the Crimea will be poor. But the Yankees get possibilities for the deployment of their ships with cruise missiles at 282 km from Sevastopol – Odessa. Thus, Russian “elite” is trying to save their jugs and comfortable life at the expense of the dirty betrayal of the Russian Donbass.

After that, the Kremlin will lose any trust of the Russians outside the Russian Federation. With him no one in their right mind would have a case – as with the scoundrel and villain, who betrays at every opportunity.


(not corrected by me, only Yandex translation)

There is not a solution, as in Russian interests, would like and Washington, and us. Because the decision in Russian interests will always be hated by the Americans. There is only one possible solution to the problem of Donbass after Moscow got cold feet and refused to separate the whole of Novorossiya from Ukraine – include Donbass in composition of Russia. It’s the only thing that can save the 2 million Russian Donetsk basin.

I am Russian and not white-blue-red by Roseann. Rasean I despise. Maxim Kalashnikov will never recognize the division of the Russian people in 1991. Because I’m willing butt to knock the teeth of those who stinks: “live In the Donbas Ukrainians, we don’t need them”. By Roseann – low animal. We, Russians, know perfectly well that the people of Donbass are no different from residents of the Crimea (in 1991 and Crimea voted for independence of Ukraine), from inhabitants of Kuban, Rostov, Belgorod and Voronezh. Because ready to crush ruthlessly those who are willing to betray the Donbass Russians, except the Russians. Roseanne, if you think your Caucasian mountaineers (nichgo not oppose them), for me the Russians of the Donetsk mountain ridge no less of my countrymen than Dagestani or Chechen residents! And if you forgot the relationship, if lost Russianness we didn’t lose it.

The current agreement Surkov Nuland: Russia betrays Donbass and gives it under power!. Americans are satisfied: results of the 1991 sets out that the Russian nation divided.

The fall of Transnistria is now only a matter of time. And there – 185k citizens of the Russian Federation, Moscow abandoned to the mercy of fate.


Contemptuously throwing the official propaganda: that we need all of Ukraine. Ukraine after it was shot (but not cut) his hatred for Russia. The Kremlin has done for 2014-2016 creation/hardening Russophobic Ukrainian identity more than Bandera and Lenin than the Germans and the canadian Diaspora. The agreement Surkov-Nuland on Ukraine will take: yeah, the Russians beat – they wimped out, became economically suffocate and went back on their word. Peremoga! We must continue to put pressure on Moscow. Severely need to clean the Donbass and continue to take on the strangulation of Crimea. For Moscow is still chicken, still cave in to Washington and will continue to supply gas, why would we with Crimea, neither worked.

Nonsense that Ukraine allegedly will go to the Union with Russia, fearing a default on foreign debts and agreeing to eliminate its independence (I heard on “Ren TV”) – it is nonsense.


The agreement Surkov-Nuland is definitely the surrender of Moscow and of national treason. It Russia will not save the crisis there continues to unfold. Only now – and at the national humiliation. The prices of raw materials in the world won’t grow. The lifting of sanctions will restore full financial dependence of Russia from the West, and the stream of subsidized food will fill just have started the rise of agricultural production in the Russian Federation. Crimea without the rest of the New Russia will turn into a “black hole” in the stone about his neck and so the falling of the Russian economy.

Betrayal had never been saved. Still US layout (to build a fire of turmoil from Ukraine to Russian Federation) continue to apply.


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