On 6-th Column in Few Sentences

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Liberal 5th and the 6th pseudo-patriotic columns-which one is more dangerous for Russia?

(Click to enlarge) Vladislav Surkov and Vladimir Putin

*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

With the 5-th liberal belolentochnoy*) colonies in Russia it is more or less clear and understandable: aggressive Russophobia, Western grants and direct contact with the US State Department, openly expressed sympathy for the current Ukrainian maydan, Bandera and the Nazis, and so on. D.

But with the 6-th column of the provocateurs and false patriots – it is not so all obvious and clear. And unfortunately, the Russian people are clearly underestimating the threat to our national security posed by those subjects…

In words, the majority of those figures all tend to mountain (opposition) for Putin and Russia! All the ardent patriots and statesmen! Only now at the most crucial moment can take and put to Russian national interests. And begin to actively play up to our enemies.

As an example, it was a Russian betrayal of New Russia (the refusal of the right of military assistance and protection). So was with the case of (gas) pumping into underground storage coming out of the Junta, unpaid Russian gas by as much as 5 billion Dollars. So it happened with the bullying of small arms and with Dugin. Etc.

Moreover, if you dig deeper, it turns out that many of these “statesmen-guardians” has real estate and bank accounts abroad. What children learn from them comes from Europe and their wives give birth to some of these “patriots” carry some reason (for attention? – K) in the “stronghold of evil,” the United States…

In other words, even if not with the help of grants and using various kinds of sanctions, the West can also keep all the figures on a short leash. And at the right moment to push through them the necessary decisions…

In general, I come to the conclusion that for Russia and the Russian world these entities represent a much greater threat than stilted and representatives in the now somewhat amusing 5th column of Russian Life…

P.S. Thanks to the outstanding Russian philosopher and public figure Alexander Dugin because he coined the term-6th Column! I have long said that many “faithful zaputintsy”*) essentially, false patriots! They say and do only what they are told. As an example, the same Starikov – http://aloban75.livejournal.com/738980.html

(Click to enlarge) Starikov Nokolai


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