Rogozin Is Liar, Putin Is Disparaged – Days As Usual…

The state Duma: Chaos in “the East” is the path to the resignation of the government
From: Edition Noteru 72117 Policy: 20:07, Tuesday 29 December, 2015

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The employees of the CJSC “Pacific bridge construction company” — former subcontractor for construction of the Cosmodrome “East” — has sent an official appeal to the Russian President. This is the second appeal this year. The first was during a “straight line” the President in April, Putin noted then that takes a situation under personal control. The company plans to resume riots similar to unrest that was in the spring of 2015-th year. The main reason is the payment of salaries to the employees, this issue is still not resolved. It is reported that the debt to JSC “TMK” payment only accepted work the construction of the “Vostochny space launch centre” is almost 442 million rubles. And even more than 3 billion rubles — the cost of the works, from the acceptance which the customer declines.

According to Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Vadim Solovyov, is a “complete mess” and negligence that should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. “Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that the government cannot cope with its obligations” – said Vadim Solovyov. – Even the instructions of the President do not change the situation. Therefore we have repeatedly raised the issue of the resignation of the government and Ministers who fail”.

“Regarding aid to employees, of course, we will make the appropriate request, including, and to the Prosecutor General. Under the law, if within three months there is no payment of wages, criminal proceedings were instituted. Maybe the criminal case will set back the officials, and they will fulfill their obligations. Because of this, of course, a complete mess, from the point of view of negligence, irresponsibility and the formalism in which they are engaged. So tomorrow we will send the corresponding requests to the General Prosecutor”, – said Vadim Solovyov.(…)

(…) Previously it was repeatedly reported about the delay in the payment of salaries to workers of subcontractors employed by the Federal Agency for special construction on the building. Putin stated the inadmissibility of wage arrears to employees. In mid-October, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated that “mess on a salary at East stopped.” Later, the office of General Prosecutor for the far Eastern Federal district reported that from the beginning, the builders paid debts on a salary in the amount of 704 million rubles. Vostochny as The cosmodrome is being built near the village Uglegorsk (Tsiolkovsky town) in the Amur region, the first launch of the carrier rocket was expected in the 2015th year, the first manned launch in 2018, construction work was planned to end by 30 November. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 14 October reviewed the progress of works, stated the lag period and was allowed to postpone the first launch from Baikonur since December 2015 for 2016.(…)


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