Pecunia Non Olet! Oil Too!

* liberasty (rus) (eng. liberasts) – identical to federasts = federals/federalists + pederasts
* pizdetc (rus) = cuntdom (eng) = cunt + dom [ a suffix forming nouns which refer to domain (kingdom), collection of persons (officialdom), rank or station (earldom), or general condition (freedom)].

Putin has put Russia in oil grave
From: kungurov, January 3rd, 2015

(Click to enlarge) Sign: Putin loves oil!

As of 2013, 52% of Russia’s budget provide revenue from the sale of oil, oil products and gas, 68% of exports-the export of hydrocarbons, mainly in the form of crude oil. In 2014, the dependence of the budget on oil has decreased – now oil and gas provide only 48% of revenues, but to rejoice because oil industry (neftezavodskoy) reduced not due to the growth of non-oil industrial production (it just drops), but because of the collapse in oil prices.(…)

(…) Now the funny thing: 20 years liberasty gleefully told us how damn scoop was ineffective, which fell from the fact that the price of a barrel dipped four times annualized for 6 years. And now the same liberasty, followed by the official propaganda of the Kremlin hysterically began to disprove their own nonsense. In the blogosphere in recent months there have been hundreds (!!!) publications that debunk the myth of the petroleum dependence of the USSR and the myth that the Soviet Union was destroyed with the help of the “oil weapon”.

The logic of propaganda’s clear: that even if “inefficient” scoop does not suffer from the stranglehold of oil, and Russia will survive the current “unfavorable period”. No, guys, I have to disappoint you: if oil prices stay below $60 for at least 2-3 years, the Resource Federation will come complete and irreversible pizdetc. I repeat: the Soviet Union was not sitting on the oil needle oil exports in the 80s gave about 3% of revenues, in 2013 this figure is more than 11 times – 33% off!

The USSR had a sovereign financial system and self-sufficient balanced economy that could function even in complete blockade (turned out to be fatal for her now to be open). The Soviet Union in principle could completely abandon the sale of raw materials on the world market. Erefia (K: eReFia) this can not do by definition what I hope to prove nobody needs it. Let’s not forget the fact that oil stocks, which is now our very much diminished. If in 19887, the RSFSR was produced 590 million tons of oil, in 2011 – only 509 million tons, despite the fact that fishing costs for depleted wells strongly increased. But perhaps in the mid-80s the USSR had foreign debts of more than $600 billion, and food technological dependence from abroad, the nightmare caused by structural distortions of Putiniites?

Yes, I know what the propaganda is saying that oil figs to breed panic, in 2008 oil prices fell from $140 to $40, and no disaster occurred, and even the ruble is not much cheaper. Yes, the disaster did not happen, however, and the reasons for it completely was not observed: for the year weighted average oil price decreased from $93 in 2008 to $64 in 2009, In 2010 the prices have already exceeded $10 pre-crisis level of 2007, amounting to $78 per barrel of Brent. That is, in fact, even on a scale of five is no fall of prices in 2008 happened, there was only a fluctuation of quotations, and swing UP with subsequent correction to the previous level, followed by rising prices that exceeded the milestone of $100 in 2011 Realize that the idiots that in 2008 was the fall in oil prices, and their growth in annual terms! But even this rise in oil prices was Hella hit Erevii, the retention of the ruble afloat cost about $250 billion, is thrown into the furnace of currency interventions.

Any person who has a brain which is not atrophied, understands that it is for Putin’s Resource Federation, not the USSR and collapse of oil prices means death. And cadaverous smell is in the air. (Continued).


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