Patriarch Kirill – The Tobacco Magnate And Kremlin Minion

I’m not spiteful, Patriarch Kirill really did trade cigarettes in past times and few times supported openly Kremlin dubious policy. Bad people are on top in Russia, real bad people…

Tobacco magnate Kirill urged not to be depressed in Russia due to the economic difficulties
From: Ivan Ushenin, January 8th, 11:48

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“Now all the weight is relative – a person earns more or less (only God forbid that the economic situation was worse) but in general there’s no tragedy in the country today” – said the Patriarch in an interview to be shown Thursday on the TV channel “Russia 1” (VGTRK). (Text from the above image- Kassander).

Therefore in his opinion “disappointed the faint of heart, internally weak, empty people”.

“If you all the prosperity is associated only with money, if welfare is measured by the quality of the release, the material conditions of life, the slightest reduction of consumption may seem like a monstrous tragedy. And what does this mean? This means that the person is not too viable”, said Mr. Gundyaev.

He believes that in Russia, though slowly and without works, it is the point of convergence of two principles in the life of the people, “a synthesis of the material, scientific, technical beginning, the aspirations of the people for prosperous life with the growth of their spiritual needs”. (

There is simply, no comment.

Defensive in nature
From: El Murid, 7-Jan-2016 05:11 pm

Patriarch Kirill spoke about the Russian military operation in Syria, characterizing it as “defensive” actions, and even on occasion trying to find justification for his words from the gospel.

In truth, very unfortunate occasion for the expression of loyal feelings. Christmas is still a holiday, for such slogans and propaganda materials can found another time and place. In addition, the operation itself has a very ambiguous nature, especially from a religious point of view. Anyway, Russia has heroically hid in the bushes for four years and waited for conflicts to develop a pronounced religious coloring. Russia’s intervention was the reason to call it “Crusader” and the Patriarch can not understand that his words merely adds to the arguments of the terrorists.

In addition, Russia is a country in which Islam is represented mainly by the Sunni direction, and the Syrian conflict (albeit not immediately), but it became the conflict between the coalitions of Sunni and Shiite States. Russia and it created a difficult situation for itself by supporting the Shia (let and diligently complete). If you add the outbreak of the conflict with Turkey, which again is not the most clearly perceived in the Turkic regions of Russia, the speech of Patriarch with the approval of this strange war certainly does not look deliberate.

In addition, the Kremlin’s thesis that the military operation in Syria prevents terrorist attacks in Russia, does not seem reasonable. While the intermediate result of the operation in Syria was the destruction of the peace 220 of the Russians. Does it matter where they will be killing our people? And as the war in Syria the terrorists to act in other places? What prevents to wage war against terrorism in Syria four years before that? In General, the thesis of defensive nature is interesting, but causation can be traced in it bad.

If you consider that in the situation with Ukraine, the Russian Orthodox Church takes a more peaceful stance with the fact that Kiev junta exterminates the Russian population, mocks and offends Orthodoxy – the Patriarch it would be more logical to reconsider their views on the conflict and to Express clearer support Russians of Donbass, to denounce the crimes of the Kiev regime and to demand from Russian authorities to fulfill promises to protect the rights of Russian population in Ukraine.

But the Patriarch, it seems that it is not interested. Anyway, have an order for support of actions of the authorities in Syria – the Church and its performs regardless of all the subtleties and nuances that arise in this case.


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