Apocalypse or Simple Collapse?

From: Maxim Kalashnikov, January 8th, 2016, 12:43 am

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“In Russia has come the time to introduce an emergency economic state. But once the climax is APPROACHING the Kremlin is drifting…

Exactly a year ago wrote the first article about why the country has no other choice but to use the productive issue of roubles to combat the crisis.


During the time the position of the Russian economy was just going down. Oil prices fell in half and we began to push taxes (accelerating economic collapse). The government has not used equity reserves. If she does not the economic crisis will turn into political and symbolic ones in 2017.

On our eyes the world is entering a new wave of systemic crisis now. Stock crashes in China – just ahead of the stock collapse in the United States. Then the world would fly into such a depression that it will lead to a terrible fall in the prices of raw materials. Including the oil-gas. And that’s the end of the Russian Federation in its current form. Huge danger of the discord.


During the holidays the Kremlin snapped and floated downstream. He signed economic weakness, and in fear was looking at the falling oil prices. No protection: the Kremlin squandered 2000-2014 years instead created in Russia a new real sector – new sources of earning money for the country. Economic policy GDP (Kassander: Putin) appeared to be the same failure as Yeltsin.

The Russian Federation is in stormy band of global crisis due not only to dwindling financial reserves but also completely idiotic, senseless and costly war in Syria, started only for the sake of a television image and to distract the electorate from a failure in the Donbass.

Have unsolved problem of the survival of the Crimea. While keeping afloat the thieving and incompetent management “elite”. And now it all will do not get off lightly as in 2008-2009. Now oil is getting cheaper for a long time and more will not be “a tractor” able to pull the Russian economy out of the pit. “Tractors” in the form of growing economies like the USA and China. They occupy about 45% from the world economy and the 45% fall in violent crises.

It is necessary to act independently here, including domestic sources to save the growth of the Russian economy. In principle they are.

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