The Second Chinese Warning to The Kremlin?

A lot of Chinese nuances, overtone and reservations. A second warning to Mr. Putin!

In which direction will move the “double-headed eagle” of Russia?
Russian People’s Daily, (Chinese press), 14:29.06/01/2016, The overseas edition of the newspaper “People’s Daily”

January 6th, “People’s Daily” Online — Recently the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a new decree “On strategy of national security of the Russian Federation” were made major changes in priorities of foreign policy, military development, economic and energy security of the country.

In accordance with the message of the news Agency “Reuters”, in the new national security strategy of Russia stresses the threat posed by the US and NATO, at the same time clearly indicates the priority directions of Russia’s foreign policy cooperation with BRICS, the SCO, APEC and G20, as well as partnerships with the countries of Eastern Europe, China and India.

Compared with 2009, a new version of “national security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020” means that the focus of Russian foreign policy gradually tilts toward Asia, this adjustment was made under the influence of changes in external and internal policy of Russia. (…)

“Look East” facing all sorts of difficulties

The bias of foreign policy to the East, on the one hand, is a reaction to deterrence by the US and Europe, and on the other hand, helps Russia to strengthen the status of a great power: “far East is an important region of Russia for the implementation of the economic recovery, in turn, Asia-Pacific, engine of global economic growth, Russia very clearly understands this,” said the lecturer of the Diplomatic Academy Gao FEI in an interview with the correspondent of the newspaper “people’s Daily”.

However, such regulation strategy is also faced with various difficulties. First, Russia lacks own momentum of development. In accordance with the analysis of the British newspaper Financial Times, in the face of declining oil prices and Western sanctions, in 2015, the contraction in the economy of Russia amounted to 3.7%. The decline in GDP, a sharp drop in international oil prices, shortage of labor resources in the far East are all obstacles to the development of the Russian Far East.

In addition, the habit of the Russian public to “look to the West” brings a lot of tension in “moving to East”.

Both East and West

“Russian diplomacy will continue to deepen in Asia, says Chen Yijun is necessary not only for the national strategy of Russia’s development, but also defines the special economic and political status of the Pacific”.

However, this does not mean that national identity and Russia’s strategy will change radically.

In fact, Russia never had the intention to abandon Europe. Gao FEI said that Russia stresses the threat posed by the U.S. and NATO, however, applies the method of struggle is not for confrontation, but trying to cooperate with the West. (…)

What China clearly said is what Kremlin MUST do to gain Chinese favour. If China allowed herself to lecture Russia what she should do it means the Chinese leaders lost confidence in Kremlin doings. What’s more, if China showed such temerity to spank Russia for second time it may betray lost of patience due to oncoming dire status quo up to the point China badly needs to correct Russia. No wonder when ominous clouds are gathering on Spratly Islands in the Western part of Pacific Rim.


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