Russia Is Home For 2-5 mln Homeless Children, Why?

Russian President Putin attends Christmas service at rural church in Tver Region
TASS, Society & Culture, January 07, 6:06

(Click to enlarge) Alexey Druzhinin/TASS

TURGINOVO VILLAGE /Tver Region/, January 7. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin attended an Orthodox Christmas service at the Intercession of the Theotokos Church in the village of Turginovo, in Russia’s central Tver Region.

Last year, the Russian president attended the Orthodox Christmas service at a newly restored church in Russia’s Otradnoye village near the southern city of Voronezh.

In 2014, Putin visited the newly built Holy Face of Christ the Saviour Church in Russia’s southern resort city of Sochi, located outside the Olympic Park.

In the previous years, he also attended Christmas Eve services in the city of St. Petersburg where he was baptized, in the Tver region where his parents were baptized in 1911, as well as in the Kostroma region, in Karelia, in the northern town of Veliky Ustyug and in the Moscow region.

In 2001, the president celebrated Christmas in the Russian capital, where he attended a service at Moscow’s main Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. In 2000, when he was still the acting president, Putin attended a Christmas Eve service at the Church of Life-Giving Trinity on Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) in Moscow. (…)

Putin greets Orthodox believers on Christmas Day
TASS, Society & Culture, January 07, 14:03

MOSCOW, January 7. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted Orthodox believers, all Russians celebrating Christmas, the Kremlin’s press service said on Thursday.

“It is very important that these days the Russian Orthodox Church, other Christian confessions in Russia continue the traditions of their responsible service, help people find belief, give them force in life. They participate actively in upbringing of the growing generations, in development of the institutes of family, maternity and childhood. This big work deserves deep, sincere respect,” the president said. (…)

The number of homeless children in Russia has reached 5 million
Source: Число беспризорников в России достигло 5 миллионов

In Russia there are up to 5 million minor homeless children, most of whom are involved in criminal activities, said to “Interfax” on Friday the Deputy head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), Alexander Povalko.

“According to official statistics, the majority of juvenile offenders are homeless, neglected and teenagers belonging to the category of social orphans. Based on various sources, the homeless kids in Russia from 2 to 5 million people,” said Povalko after the conference “improving the effectiveness of the prevention and prevention of juvenile delinquency”. In his words, “a particularly alarming trend is to involve Teens in crime”.

“More than a third of teenagers commit crimes under the direct guidance of adults. Crimes among juveniles are characterized by a high degree of organization, the percentage of minors who have committed crimes in groups, more than 70%”, – said the Deputy head of Rosmolodezh.


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