Russia Sets Herself Against China!

Read carefully and think it over what El Murid said. Verbatim. You may read in, and Sputnik News rabid quickness in denouncing DPRK. It seems the China’s move to dodge Russian territory creating new Silk Road 2.0 is not without grounds. China said clearly – until (through inducement: you Kremlin morons) mend your internal economic management we will not make “geshefts” with you. Period.

North Korean H-Bomb

Picture from: Spokesman: Kremlin deeply concerned at North Korea statement about hydrogen bomb test, Russian Politics & Diplomacy, January 06, 16:14

North Korean suspected test of a hydrogen bomb has caused understandable concern in South Korea and Japan. Not yet reliably established – was actually the test, although there is already a movie – both the fact of the earthquake and the statement of North Korea.

In principle, the North Korean nuclear program is largely the brainchild of Soviet and Chinese comrades, and after the collapse of the USSR, when the Russian government wholesale and retail handed over and betrayed their former allies, the Kim dynasty has to focus exclusively on China in matters of Alliance. It is unlikely that anything will change now – Russia continues the practice of surrender of their own positions, wherever possible, so that potential traitors no thinking head contact will not.

China was considered and especially never hid that considers North Korea as its own forepost against America in the region. It is logical that North Korea has an area of defense in the overall protection system of China – it is aimed against South Korea and Japan, and Japan is growing concern in the Chinese leadership.

The Japanese have very many reasons for the outbreak and participation in small and possibly large regional war. The stagnant economy that went into recession for 10 years before the global crisis, and remaining to this day, what would the Japanese authorities are doing, the status of the defeated powers – even those two reasons enough for the Japanese war considered as a crisis, able to give a chance to development. In the end, under similar circumstances, Japan started a war in 30 years, and aggravated by its war with the United States, to the controversial battle of Midway , the Japanese lost and the Americans won almost by accident, the chances of Japan for the overall victory and sharing it on favorable conditions were very decent.

Furthermore, Japan today is an ally of the U.S., which switches to Pacific direction and increasing its military presence around China. The Chinese in these circumstances are forced to use whatever they have at hand, and North Korea is too much.

Exactly why the news about the North Korean test of a hydrogen bomb received so seriously, and South Korea, and Japan because of the smallness of their territories highly vulnerable to such weapons, in addition, minus plays and developed industry – strikes on spot the basic infrastructure can bring down these countries in the cave age.

It’s pointless to beat ISIS with “Kalibrs” cruise missiles and to use strategic bombers to destroy a tea house or whether it is fallen from the impact of high-precision bombs, laser-guided strategic camel weakly affect the combat readiness of the militants, but the impact on Japanese or Korean power plants, dams, ports could lead to a total collapse of the whole country.

In fact, China shields North Korea, their Northern flank from the US and its allies – and therefore, for North Korea are quite sufficient delivery vehicles capable of reaching Japan and South Korea, as well as nuclear and hydrogen warheads to them – all together, this provides the necessary balance of fear, so – and decent peace in the region.


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