Execration of Russian Rabid Uber Liberals

“Effective managers” have caused Russia more damage than the invasion of Hitler
Artyushenko Oleg G., Information-analytical site about human society, 03.01.2016 — Admin

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When the media talk about the success of the Russian economy and the opening of new factories and plants, such news cause mixed feelings. The emergence of new jobs is, of course, well and good, but behind the frame is another point.

It just so happened that since 1991 the new owners of Russia made the defeat of the domestic economy and destroyed so many plants, that on such a pogrom would be horrified even Hitler’s gauleiters, who, as you know, are very careful with production facilities in the occupied territories.

As you know, in 1941, in accordance with the decree of GKO No. 99сс of 11 July, it was ordered to evacuate the factories with those territories threatened by the occupation. All that could not be evacuated, were liable to destruction. However, the zealous Nazis were able to Commission the majority of blown up factories and start production of much-needed products to the Reich.

What happened half a century later, surely would have caused the Nazis a state of shock. Domestic “business”, taking as a result of predatory privatization of hundreds of factories, was a hundred times worse than the Nazis, only being able to ditch the poorly captured production capacity to multiply along the way, Yes the Russian army of the unemployed.

In order not to be unfounded, is to look at the martyrology destroyed plants and factories and then make a fairly simple conclusion: the Nazi invasion in 1941, when all its horrors, was flowers. But the berries came up after 1991. Especially destructive for the Russian economy became postlicense years, when the destruction of Russian factories took on a mass character.

Moscow plant “Dynamo” conducts its history since 1897. The factory survived the revolution, Civil war, Great Patriotic war, but could not survive the pogrom of the democratic era. The country’s largest manufacturer of electrical equipment, whose products are known all over the world, fell victim to the “effective managers”. Currently the plant “Dinamo” – is the abomination of desolation and, of course, offices. Where do without them. Huge funds invested in the Soviet period in the development of the company, all wasted, as the work of the whole generations. Kicked about the street the labor collective modestly keep silent…


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