Signum Temporis (The Sign of Times)

Congratulations to the readers of the “Russian Spring” with a New 2016 Year
Русская Весна – Russian Spring 01.01.2016 – 0:44

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(Translation: Yandex + Kassander – original website must be translated manually)

Dear friends!

This is the second New year we meet together with you.

This is the second time we appeal to you with New Year greetings.

Outgoing 2015 was for us a very difficult time. We met him under the rumble of the shells of the occupation forces, firing on civilian towns of Donbass, the battle for the Donetsk airport, the preparation for the liberation of Debaltsevo and in the trenches under Mariupol.

We withstood. We survived. We didn’t allow the enemy to conquer and destroy our cities and towns.

Thanks to the courage of the defenders of Novorossiya, this time the New Year comes to us in a much more calm and peaceful than it was in December 2014. Let’s hope that the good order and justice in coming 2016 will finally prevail.

At the festive table today, let us remember those who are now in the trenches on the front line, guarding the peace and quiet of the residents of Donbass. Remember and wish good luck to our pilots and all military factions in Syria, defending Russia in the far frontiers.

Picking up the glasses today New Year with a traditional toast “to victory!”, please do not forget those of our comrades who are now in the dungeons of the SBU for political reasons. They especially need our moral support.

I also want to raise a glass to those of our supporters who, despite the desperate pressure of neo-Nazis, the underground continues the fight against the criminal oligarchic power in Ukraine itself.

As for Russian readers, we found we have a lot of great and far-reaching plans.

Discontinuity with semi-colonial legacy of 90s, finally took shape in recent years despite time constraints, it opens before Russia broad prospects. This is primarily due to the development of domestic production.

We plan to upgrade our portal so that aside from news and analyses it has become a platform for unification of all people, striving for realization of positive projects in a particular field related to information and economic security of our country.

We will support social projects aimed at further improvement and strengthening of our society.

We will continue to help the people of Donbass and its heroic Militia.

But it will be tomorrow. And today — Happy New Year. May he be for us all a peaceful and happy!

“Russian Spring”

P. S. Today it’s New Year’s eve, it’s time to present the logo of our website which was coming to life for a year and a half in the creative throes. The victory will be ours!


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