Putin With His Crooks Rob The Most Vulnerable Russians

Inflation in Russia highest since 2008
rt.com, Published time: 31 Dec, 2015 13:28

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Mr. Putin stopped indexation of Russian pensions. It means older Russians will not have their pensions increased to the level to compensate for year inflation. As 2015 inflation index reached 12.9 percent Russians will have nearly 13% less rubles. One of the cunning plans of Mr. Putin. Why one could be rabidly peeved for Mr. Putin’s deeds? Wait a moment, you’ll find the answer at the second part of the post.

The inflation rate in Russia reached 12.9 percent in 2015, according to the Federal Statistics Service. This is the worst rate since the global economic crisis in 2008 when annual inflation edged 13.3 percent.

Apart from 2008, inflation in Russia has only been this high twice in the last 15 years, in 2001 at 18.8 percent and 2002 at 15.06 percent.

According to official estimates, Russian inflation in 2015 should have hit 12.2 percent. However, in December, the ministries of Finance and Economic Development downgraded their forecasts due to collapsing crude prices. In particular, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov predicted even higher inflation this year; slightly more than 13 percent.

However, he predicted that inflation will slow down in Russia next year.

“We plan inflation will be at the level of 6-7 percent compared to a little more than 13 percent in the current year,” he said.

On Monday, Economic Development Minister Aleksey Ulyukaev predicted the Russian economy would contract 3.7-3.9 percent in 2015. According to him, $40 oil doesn’t threaten the stability of the economy, but doesn’t allow GDP, production and consumer demand to grow next year.

The Truth About Mr. Putin and One of His Cronies

Profit of Gazprom fell 9 times but the salary of Mr. Miller, a friend of Mr. Putin, on the contrary is growing – to 27 million $
From Ivan Ushenin‘s blog – Destroy the oligarchy – will restore peace and justice in our country! The oligarchy must be destroyed.

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Forbes has published an annual ranking of the 25 most expensive executives in Russia.

First the head of “Gazprom” Miller. The government of the Russian Federation owns 73 % of shares of “Gazprom”. From 2013 to 2014 profit of Gazprom HAVE FALLEN with 36,54 billion $ to 4.1 billion $, i.e. 9 times. And total remuneration to key managers “Gazprom” at the same time on the contrary has increased from 93.8 million $ to 113,8 million $, that is, 20%.

By the way Miller gets rewarded not only in “Gazprom”. He chairs the boards of Directors of eight of the holding companies, including “Gazprom oil” and Gazprombank, “SOGAZ”, NPF “Gazfond” and “Gazprom-Media Holding” (comprising in particular the “Echo of Moscow” and “TNT”). That is, Miller gets his huge money in particular for the “Echo of Moscow” and “HOUSE 2”.

Some of the details of Miller’s life:

In the 1980s, he entered the circle of Leningrad economists-reformers, the informal leader of which was Anatoly Chubais. 1991-1996g – work of the Committee for external relations of St. Petersburg city hall: head of division, Deputy head of Department, Deputy Chairman of the Committee (Committee Chairman was Vladimir Putin). Then there’s Miller people, and Putin’s friend since the 90’s.

In short, under Putin, all state corporations and large private companies created primarily for a total of pillaging and giant enrichment of Putin’s oligarchy, mainly consisting of his personal friends and relatives and their relatives, children and friends. And they don’t care about the crises in our country and to the miserable Russian people, through which these crises in the first place and we beat a very, very cruel.

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