WTF, Is The 6th Column Winning?!

Putin and Medvedev In Talks With Alexei Kudrin Over His Return
Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ, 29th December, 2015

Alexei Kudrin

Negotiations are ongoing between Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev to bring the former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin back to a leading position, according to Bloomberg, citing three sources familiar with the talks. According to the agency, the former head of the Ministry of Finance wants to attract an assistant for solving the economic problems of the country.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, Putin and Medvedev met with Kudrin last week to discuss his plans for employment. A formal proposal has not yet been submitted, the source said, but the negotiations are in an advanced stage and a decision could be made as early as next year.

“Yes, I had a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev last week. They discussed economic issues. The invitation to the public service was not discussed “, – Kudrin said to the agency through its representative Pavel Kuznetsov. A spokesman for the Prime Minister, Natalya Timakova, confirmed to RBC the occurrence of a meeting between Medvedev and Kudrin this month, but the content of their conversation she would not comment on. Kudrin did not provided additional comments to a representative of RBC.

The Truth

Quote from Mr. Kudrin’s page on Wikicrap:

Possible return to the Federal Government

On June 18, 2015 Kudrin proposed to hold early presidential elections. He justified this need for global reform and cited the example of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who did just that. State Duma deputy from the party A Just Russia Mikhail Emelyanov considered this statement Kudrin’s entry into the presidential race. The next day, Alexei Kudrin said that he is not going to run for the presidency, however, many experts believe that Kudrin wants to return to the Federal Government, and even take the place of the Prime Minister.

Kudrin resigned as finance minister in 2011 after a conflict with President Dmitry Medvedev, who at that time held the post of head of state. He explained his resignation was over a disagreement with the expansion of defense spending in the budget. Later, Kudrin headed the Committee of Civil Initiatives, something he created. Since then, he regularly criticizes governmental policies on various economic issues.

The one sentence emphasized by me says more than the remaining part. He belongs to 6th column – led and controlled by the USA Ambassador to Russia and the Department of State among others. I cannot write all on the subject, the size of information about important events in Russia is equal to Mount Everest, I would have to mark them in real time on-line day by day. It’s impossible when I try to translate from Russian simultaneously. To put in short – Mr. Kudrin was diehard Atlantic Integrationist and pro-Western traitor. Whatever you think about the traitor accusation may be checked easily – it has sound bases. You should read blogs of (among others) The Saker, Fedorov (Duma PM), El Murid (columnist) etc.

But what worse is that Mr. Kudrin appeared to be supporter of the main US idea of early presidential election to get rid of Mr. Putin from the post! All sanctions, all presstitutes and other lowlife spitting venom at Mr. Putin, MSM vile campaigns of lies are cut to remove Putin. Mr. Kudrin stepped in to the political framework. He is not better than other Russian oligarchic thieves and robbers. I will add few words after the next information about Mr. Kudrin (Yandex translation my corrections – bloody work but badly needed).

Why Mr. Alexei Kudrin, Putin’s adviser, lies?
burckina_faso, February 26th, 14:01

I’m writing frequently how Putin lies (orig. craps aka fucks) using numbers. Numbers about demography, unemployment, etc. About the history of the USSR it’s generally better to keep silent – Putin delivered there such unbelievable nonsense that I could write a book debunking his lies. It is clear that Putin did not make up all of that himself, but plays what he was put on table by his assistants and advisers, forming thereby the direction in which to move the President and the country.

A specific example relating pensions and the time to achieve the rights for the pensions. The government pushes Putin to make the decision about raising the eligibility age of both men and women to 63 years, instead of the current 60 and 55 years. How can they do that? To give Putin high-colored, and therefore false information. A concrete example with Kudrin, Putin’s economic advisor:

At the beginning of the live program Kudrin falsely cites numbers of years men are living after retirement. In his version, men after retirement live for more than 20 years on average. Where did he get this lie, if on the Rosstat page there is quite a different figure:

It is evident from the provided data that men lived another 15 years after retirement, not 20 years, according to Kudrin. Not to mention the fact that the rise time to 63 years means that up to the date will not stay alive 11 million pensioners. 11 million people won’t get pensions! All the kind of savings for the budget! Saving on people lives according to Gaidar’s alumni, did the issue bother anyone? Let 60 million people die and we’ll live (like) in Switzerland, yeah!

It is clear that all the Kudrins are lobbying hard for this idea – intentionally distorting the real information, greatly embellishing it and putting her on a table to Putin, who then could be surprised when people suddenly took to the streets to protest, because according to reports all is well in the country: the economy emerged from the crisis, the mortality rate is falling, unemployment too, rise living, etc.

That’s a tip of an iceberg of lies and deeds behind Russian political curtains.

Few additional words from me.
Why Dmitri Medvedev came back to TV lately? Obviously presidential elections are coming. But why Mr. Putin supports him? Why Mr. Kudrin is drawn from a closet of political corps? Does Mr. Putin want to change his government seeing the downfall of Russian economy? But using diehard pro-Western uber liberal from ranks of 6th column of Russian traitors?! It’d be suicidal move, no shit!

2015.12.30 14.16 Addendum
Verbatim from FortRuss comment titled Rogozin for President

Rogozin for President • 5 hours ago

For average Russians, a return to Kudrinism would be not only a disaster but also a betrayal of Putin’s promises to them.

Kudrin’s response to every oil price, be it 40 or 140 dollars per barrel, is to cut pensions, social services, income taxes, import tariffs, and government regulations and then to further slash pensions and social services to offset the lower taxes and tariffs.

Worse, he also embraces Chubais-style mass privatization, not only privatizing federal assets but using the 1993 constitution to seize control of assets (e.g., universities and central heating plants) belonging to ethnically Russian provinces and to quasi-state institutions such as the Russian Academy of Sciences, transferring them to federal ownership, and selling them off with the proceeds going to the federal budget. For the people in the provinces, they have no alternative to pay skyrocketing prices for reduced services while the “efficient managers” of the newly privatized entities become obscenely rich.

Worse, Kudrin seems determined to turn Russia into a land fit for oligarchs, pro-Western liberals, and NATO occupation at the expense of the Russian people. During the 2008 crash, he insisted on rescuing Saint Petersburg bank KIT Finance – well known for subsidizing Russian liberal voices such as TV Rain – while simultaneously demanding that Russian’s industrial and defense infrastructure be allowed to collapse under “free market” forces and that his usual recommendations (e.g., reduced pensions) be put into immediate effect. Similarly, he supports efforts by ultra-liberal Yeltsin family banker and oligarch turned wealthy Putin sycophant Alexander Mamut to turn Moscow into a “humanistic” clone of post-modern Europe at the expense of and on the backs of poor and working-class Russians. A telling interview full of Mamut’s disdain for average Russians can be found here:

Still worse, Kudrin seems determined, whatever his rhetoric, to ensure that Russian remains a resource colony, or “energy superpower” in neoliberal parlance, without a viable industrial or agricultural base. Kudrin overtly or covertly opposes any state investment or role in the development of Russia’s non-resource industries, supports high interest rates that harm small businesses, and supports a “hard money” policy similar to that which privileged late 19th- and early 20th century American oligarchs and bankers over American farmers and workers. Kudrin, along with Herman Gref, Alexey Ulyukaev, Anatoly Chubais, and numerous liberal economists also led the charge to Russia to join the WTO regardless of the cost to Russian farmers and workers and then to vastly exceed its WTO commitments by acceding to European demands it cut agricultural subsidies and tarriffs to their final, 2018, levels before Russia’s WTO accession even took effect in 2012.

Rather than betray everything he stood for by appointing an enemy of the people such as Kudrin, Putin should retire and open the door for younger, more patriotic leadership.

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