WordPress? Yes, But A Road Thru Hell, Alas!

Shortly, 90% of ‘my posts are translations and quotes. All of them are being squeezed into vertical space, narrower than standard width set for a given theme. It’s a horror to work and not satisfying. The Visual Editors are craps for kids, that’s why I use old WordPress Text Editor where I can have full control of the HTML code which is allowable. I hate the visual editors of wordpress Up to the point I will have to make posts in mcedit (editor of MC – Midnight Commander) for example, where I can program all macros needed for wordpress codes.

For example, I’ve come to Fontanka page where El Murid publishes his columns. Pay attention that Fontanka is a Russian Internet press translated here by Yandex.

Management failure

I need the same width for my blog. Where to find it not paying fees for the pleasure? But let’s name spade a spade – it’s hard work to inform readers on certain topics or issues throu WordPress blogs, not only a pleasure, how the WordPress owners see it. So they should provide proper tools at least. Not visible silly toys for kids or dimwits or downright morons.


World history in a nutshell.
(Click to enlarge)

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