The Present or The Boastfulness?

For the first time in the world, the Russian armed forces conducted an attack with battle robots on terrorists’ fortified area
etoonda wrote, 2015-12-28 09:02:00

Syrian army units with support of Russian paratroopers and Russian combat robots took strategic hill 754,5 (tower “Syriatel”) in Latakia province.


The attack on the heights was accompanied with six robotic complex “Platform-M” and four “Argo”. Those friendly robots were supported with self-propelled artillery units (SAU) “Acacia” deployed to Syria recently. They can destroy enemy positions with “overhead” fire.

The  drones were passing intelligence information from the air over a battlefield to the deployed field center “Andromeda-D” and simultaneously to Moscow national defense control center of the Russian General Staff’s command post.

The first to the attack went robots, up to 100-120 meters to the fortifications of militants. They called fire onto itself and the detected positions of the firing points were immediately attacked with SAU missiles.

After the robots, at the distance of 150-200 meters behind came the Syrian infantry, clearing the height.

The rebels had not the slightest chance, all their movements were controlled with drones. To the detected militants were applied artillery strikes and literally 20 minutes after the start of the combat and the attack of the robots the militants fled in terror, throwing dead and wounded. On the slopes of the height 754,5 were left nearly 70 bodies of killed militants. The Syrian soldiers had no dead casualties apart from 4 wounded.


More images on the source page (click the title). Quotes by Yandex translation plus my corrections.


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