Next Truth About Putin’s “Cunning Plans”

The Year of 2015. Hot spots.
El Murid, 27-Dec-2015 06:54 pm


(Kassander’s corrections)

Events of 2015 in countries over which have walked over and to continue to roll the earlier events of “color revolutions”, are developing in a given direction. Saxon managerial model of “corridors” allows the events to develop as you wish, if they do not go beyond the limits of the corridor and go in a given direction. The rest (issues) concerned designers a little. “The Indians problems does not Sheriff interest.”©

It is worth noting that in contrast to Russians’ pure love of “cunning” and unknowable intentions of its leadership, based on some religious belief in the miracle, the West does not hide anything. No one is going to fool anyone – the goals stated and for quite stupid there are even published in illustrative forms. Whether it is a card of Colonel Peters, the map of “The New York Times” or whatever else.

For all the contradictions in American (in particular) and Western (in general) elites the idea of dismemberment of existing States and their subsequent consensus is weakening. So the proponents of the concept of “global dominance” and supporters of “global leadership” of America agree that to dominate or to lead, it is much easier in a weakened and fragmented world. A world that consists of post-industrial centers of civilization and huge deindustrialized “grey wasteland” between them. This world is absolutely contraindicated by such rudimentary (examples of) receding eras, as sovereign states with their national interests.


The war in Syria which started with a sweep in September, e.g. Russia stepped in it, occurs again only within a scenario framework conceived by the West.


In this sense, the main result of 15 years in international policies in the “hot spots” (Middle East, Arab Spring, Ukraine – Kassander) are the ongoing absence of an alternative project that could compete with the West project being implemented for fragmentation of the vast territories.

Russia, seemingly part of two major conflicts and having “on the way” some more, acts as a tool of Western policy and does not have for his actions the slightest subjectivity. Subjectivity can only arise in case of creation of its own project to build national states in their environment. Friendly to Russia or not is not so important.

It is just important that they were a sovereign and self-sufficient.

Only sovereign States can be sovereign national interests that will inevitably force them to pursue a pragmatic and partnership policy in relation to their surroundings (and to Russia).

However, to formulate such project, Russia will have become sovereign and self-sufficient – that when the current elite and the leadership of the country, it looks like complete fiction.

The 2015 year was another year of unrealistic expectations.

For few last days El Murid bludgeons Putin, his cronies and their moronic policies mercilessly. Not groundlessly.



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