Criminal System

Criminal system
ivan_ushenin, September 10th, 2016

Translation from image:

Yedinaya Rossiya (thumbnail)

How great guys you are!
We rob you and rob, rob and rob,
but you (still) like us and vote for us!
Many thanks! You are the best! In return for that
we will be robbing you even more!

Restoration of capitalism in Russia for 25-year commits one of the most important and the most terrible crimes against man and humanity. It destroys the millennial idea of labour as the source of existence of the individual.
It is true that in the abundance of our working people lived in tsarist Russia and under the Soviet power: the society of the Great October Revolution there was not enough time for the development of the productive forces capable of creating abundance of vital goods and services. The way of life in the worker-peasant state was decent, but modest. Even folk wisdom has developed their formula to characterize the lower boundary of this life. The most common ones are: “Live from pay to pay”.

It means that a person with a permanent workplace and receiving without any delay salary, no no savings. As for the lowest rung of human well-being, her people also found in time comprehensive definition: “He is struggling to make ends meet”.

The restoration of capitalism has created a fundamentally new situation: the country had millions of working Russians who systematically can not, unable to make ends meet. In other words, for them, meaningful work does not function as a complete source of livelihood.

Poverty on the scale of Rosstat

Recently Rosstat has published the results of their study “Socio-economic indicators of poverty.” The key concept is “poor”, i.e. living below the state poverty lines. Them in today’s Russia, according to official data of state statistics, at least 25 million people. It is easy to check. In the original explanatory note to the Rosstat survey indicates that “the quality features or the boundaries of poverty in Russia is used the subsistence minimum”.

From 1 January 2015 the government of the Russian Federation has defined that line for the working-age population on the level of 10404 rubles (in the II quarter due to high inflation it raised it to 10792 rubles). Income per capita, not exceeding 10 thousand rubles, according to the authors, have 17,5% of Russians. Knowing the population, it is easy to calculate how much of the country’s poor: 25,14 million people.


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