How Kremlin Betrays Russians

Clarity with Syria and Donbass
Maxim Kalashnikov, December 25th, 2015, 02:34 am

I may sing myself under the text below. All Russians not having Western glasses on know the Truths. Read Russians bloggers, even with the help of Internet translators. And do not believe in blogs which heavily moderate comments. Run by covert MFs, not bloggers. (I hope you know the abbreviation…)

(Corrected by Kassander)

Belatedly (because of party affairs and pneumonia) I want to sum up 2015 against the Syrian adventures of our rulers.

Time has completely confirmed the correctness and the remarks of distinguished Igor Strelkov, El Murid and me personally that this war (Syrian jaunt) is senseless and ruinous for Russia and it has nothing to do with Russian national interests. And it was started with only one purpose – to “cover up” the Russian Donbass and to make the New Russia (Novorossia) become again in the eyes of the West as “white and fluffy”, and namely “corresponding”.

This war lies entirely in the interests of the denationalized ruling elite of the Russian Federation, which spit on Russians in New Russia and in Russia itself. Elite, which considers itself not Russian but the Western part of the “club of masters”, keeps money-boxes on the West and sends their children there.

The project “New Russia” has become a threat to the ruling elite’s “golden toilets” and because she decided to serve to, for example, Europe at the expense of Russian lives and resources.

Syria – this attempt is of the same kind as that of the Minsk protocols, the case for betraying Novorossia and attempt to become a “persona grata” in the West.

That is why, in parallel with Minsk and Syria, Moscow ceases to call the authorities in Kiev “junta” and accepted to provide Poroshenko with coal and gas, and to convert LNR with DND in pure puppet-Opera regimes. Without passional volunteers.



– The Kremlin did not think to help Assad with aviation in 2011-2013, when he still had a chance to restore the old order. It is understandable – when the war in the Ukraine had not happened. And when it happened and the owners of the West forced the Russian elite to abandon the plan of “New Russia”, showing the numbers from the certain bank accounts of highest authorities of Russian Federation, Syria suddenly became a “big problem” and “our pain”.

– Entering Syria Moscow screamed that only Assad is the legitimate authority. Just two months later it turned out that Moscow now does not cling to Assad and is in contact with the FSA, with the secular opposition.

For a long time the toady-propagandists have been telling us that in Syria appears our military base (air-sea). All were saying, that all those against the Syrian adventures, are agents of the State Department (USA), because the abrupt base should be.

But in December, during the last press conference we were told that the base in Syria is not needed for Russian Federation.

It has become clear that from the beginning the fuckers were hanging up noodles on our ears (telling lies). Not such base was required by our government but possibility to earn (to deserve for) a forgiveness in the West.


No gentlemen, Syria is not our and your pain. It’s a way of cranking up your businesses (money) into national account. And at the same time very inept and blunt: the hosts of the West does not recognize the Crimea as yours and the Minsk protocols the devil will cover with copper cauldron (will be worth a shit).


Then, in early February 2014, Moscow thought to cut off Novorossia (to Transnistria) from the whole of Ukraine. It is clear from the video footage of the famous Congress of Deputies of South-East in Kharkiv February 22, 2014. This is the Congress to which did never arrive Yanukovych as planned.

Note: here is the entire symbolism of the LPR (LNR) and DPR (DNR) at that time they still did not exist. But St. George’s ribbons, as in Russia, were the symbolism of the great Patriotic war.

That is, political scientists from the Russian Federation worked before. They pushed back the heraldry of the Pro-Kremlin “Patriotic” structures such as Fedorov’s NOD (The National Liberation Movement). And the division of Ukraine at one time was indeed prepared. (We’ll cover that in the transfer of Roy TV with Eugene Shabaeva).

But on the night of 22 February, the owners of the West so scared Moscow that they sat down with fear and began to turn things back. “Crimea is our, but the Donbass is not ours.” That is why Yanukovych, deported to Russia was not admitted to the Kharkiv Congress which ended in nothing, although obviously it was planned as a Congress which would create a second center of power in Ukraine. The West forced Moscow to change the _losing “Crimea is ours”_ for the _winning project “Novorossiya”_.

Apparently, the Moscow thought at that moment that they can exchange the Crimea to Donbass and we could get away with it. And when things took a different turn when a real war has started, as well as a real systemic crisis of the Russian Federation, and the open betrayal of Donbass has begun dangerous, then it has begun:

– exaggeration of the myth-horror stories about possible nuclear war over Ukraine;

– delete Strelkov from DPR (DNR) and his subsequent defamation;

– push LPR (LNR) and DPR (DNR) “into Ukraine” through the Minsk process(es);

– Syrian “shooters redeployment”, the inflating deceitful bogeymen – scaring about Washington, about the crisis of NATO, about the “unprecedented successes” of the Russian Federation in the foreign policy arena.

Here’s the whole story.

Only such game you gentlemen of rules will not help. The owners of the West rightly have thought you were complete dorks and cowards. And that’s why even Syria will not make you “persona grata” in the US and the EU.

Moreover, Syria is becoming the sucking quagmire – you got another Turkish crisis. That is, the confrontation with Turkey, the collapse of the project “Turkish Stream”, a possible war in Nagorno-Karabakh, as they say, in one bottle. So even more from the perspective of such a “gift”, there’s a transfer of activities of ISIL to Afghanistan and the emergence of the Islamic “blowtorch” (soldering lamp) in her southern underbelly. And the fall of the Russian economy.

Betrayal to the Russians of Donbass, the betrayal of the New Russia, missed chances for spring 2014 – all of this will not go unpunished.

I’ afraid that Moscow brought to Russia now the black clouds of demons, brought the country to a standstill. Now she got with one stroke both war and internal systemic crisis

You, of course, can deem those all issues as triumph of Russian foreign policy. But we have a different opinion.

Continuing the theme:

Why and how Mr Putin had a row with Mr Recep Erdogan.

Why Mr Putin had hurt a friend of Erdogan, whose sons of bitch better children, thanks to whom gas fracas with Turkey will remain a fracas? Orhan Cemal, Nikolai Bobkin (Institute of USA and Canada) and Pavel Shlykov (the Institute of Asian and African studies) discuss these and other issues in political club “Rosbalt”.


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