Zugyanov Spring Calls For Putin Spring (sort of)

Zyuganov urged Putin to begin “Stalin spring” — the return of Ukraine into the Union
News of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), 21 December, 2015 15:16


– The Russian leadership it’s time to start “Stalin spring” — to learn the lessons of recent history, demonstrating that in a global confrontation between Moscow can only win in Alliance with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. This was stated by the Deputy of the state Duma Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist party, today at the ceremony of laying flowers to the tomb of Joseph Stalin in birthday of the leader.

What Zyuganov said about Stalin is not to be repeated here if I want to stick to my principles but everyone has rights to share even “sick” ideas. But what he said later is worth quoting.

(…) Putin in 2016 will make conclusions… In Russia there are only two percent of the world’s population but are 30% of the major resources of the planet. So without a Union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and very desirable – brotherly Ukraine, we find it difficult to compete in the modern world. It is necessary that every morning the 200 million citizens of our country Wake up, go to work and study. Then we can be competitive with the European Union and with our so-called “American partners” who sleep and see how to pull apart and humiliate Russia”,
— says the politician.

“Stalin was a brilliant geopolitical. Continuing the best traditions of the Russian Empire, he was able after the war to ensure the creation of a powerful bloc of Slavic States, our friends that have held back the hordes of NATO. The modern world respects force, respects knowledge, respects the experience and courage. And no matter how much talked about partnership, we are not and never will be partners “uncle Sam”. We are not and never will be partners of NATO. They will respect us, if we remember the great legacy of Alexander III that our most reliable allies – army and fleet”,
— concluded Zyuganov.

Some points of view are slightly controversial but viable. Not every Slavic Nation would like to be part of Soviet Union but take it for granted now. The power of Russia cannot come from nukes and idealism only (idealism which Putin fights down in Novorossia, he “loves” teamed oligarchs above all). I back Zyuganov up with all my heart. “At border” country’s place (in Russian “Ukraine”, close to Krajiny) is within Russian Federation. Period.


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