Putin’s Pathetic Whining. For Mercy or Rescue?

Putin: The EU should not just take orders from the US
Fort Russ, December 20, 2015 – PolitRussia – Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski


“Putin: Europe has given its sovereignty over to the USA”

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the present moment the EU practically does not conduct an independent foreign policy. Putin stressed that Europe, remaining a member of NATO, has given up its sovereignty to the leader of the alliance, the USA.

“In principle, it is a normal situation when the participants of a military-political bloc transfer part of their sovereignty to supranational authorities,” the Russian president said, but he added that in the case of NATO member countries, their foreign policy agenda is dependent on the US.

“Russia does not expect its European partners to abandon their Euro-Atlantic orientation. But I think that it would be right for our partners in Europe to, without abandoning it entirely, to at least participate in decision making rather than just taking instructions every time that they are given from across the ocean,” Putin concluded.

Something went wrong with Putin policy aimed to hammer into the Euro-Atlantic Alliance a Wedge of Steel. Especially parting Germany with the USA. The hard core of all Putin moves lately, much vaunted by such guru of American and pro-Russian Putriots like The Saker, have brought zero results. Putriots, damn it!


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