Novorossia, Our Hope

Why we cannot turn back
russorum, February 14th, 2015, 10:00 pm

After the tragic murder of Paul Dremov, public opinion in relation to the construction of the New Russia has changed dramatically. A large number of people, not hiding his anger and frustration, resent the vile murders of the most ideological commanders in the LC.

Sometimes people lash out: accusing the government of Donetsk and Lugansk, and at the same time elites of Russian Federation, of betrayal, expressing now thoughts that all in Donbass went worse, there were even those who seriously argued that the Russian people of Donbass would be better living under the occupation of invaders. Well, it’s time for me to explain something.

R.i.p. Paul Dremov was not the first who was thorn in asses of Kremlin skunks. He was one of many great and courageous heroes who started to build true New Russia. Not only Novorossia but a new and big Great Russia. We should remember them.

Words from russorum – “(…) Mozgovoy, Bednov, Ishchenko and Dremov (honor and praise) marked the beginning of the Russian Reconquista (…)


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