Neverending Psycho Dreams of Polish Warmongers

The cycle of nature in Poland
NewsFront, by Yury Selivanov, Posted on: 21 December 2015, 10:56

Smart people learn from others ‘ mistakes, fools on their own, and Polish politicians do not learn at all

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– “Warsaw takes steps to foster dialogue with Moscow, but Russia does not notice these gestures” – said Mr Witold Waszczykowski, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland. “We have expected another signal to (Polish) new government, and NOT on war monuments, not the debate on the expulsion of journalists. It is evident that the Russians don’t want our gesture”, he said. According to Waszczykowski, these (good will) gestures are numerous.

Arrogance and a measure of the inadequacy of the current Polish leaders is that of the legendary stupidity and obstinacy of their Kiev colleagues. (…)

The poles for hundreds of years of its neighbourhood with Russia had not realized that Russia is forever and, therefore, it should not gesture to communicate, and to build a durable, good-neighbourly relations. Instead, Poland headlong got into American adventure in Ukraine. Yes, even as got on the first cast! As a result, Polish mercenaries in Donbas are sitting in the same trench with the Bandera, which is officially recognized in Poland, war criminals and the worst enemies of the Polish state! Moreover, Poland takes an uncompromising stance against Russia, seeking the maximum exclusion from it of Ukraine are closely related. However, the murder will out! It is clear that Warsaw is less concerned for the interests of the city, but is well aware that the final demarcation of the two main parts of historical Russia automatically increases the chances of the Polish nobility again become absolute master of a considerable part of the Russian land. And this is not some empty “gestures”, but a real policy, which places Poland in the darkest and unpredictable prospects of relations with Russia. After all, only a fool would think that Moscow will remain indifferent to such openly hostile and aggressive policy. (…)

Alas, Polish morons and political assholes evince sick illusions of “Polish greatness” aka Polish Empire. Read the column in full. It contains repeats but touched Polish place between Germany and Russia – two powers in Europe. What Polish politicians at the helm of the country now thinks and do for Poland is a distressing picture, to say the list. Proverbial American hubris checked against Polish conceit looks like a hopeless despondency.

“Polish” Army with German tanks in service of American Hegemon in Afghanista, Iraq, Novorossia, etc!



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