“How Many More Times”

Real men by maks_vks

I will place my emphases in maks_vks’ comment and correct Yandex translation. But you may read original text in English and in Russian. I left original BOLD tagging.

Putin is the problem.

Kicking the Negro and blame on ISIL are meaningless.

If Putin suppress peaceful protest, caused by his own incompetent leadership of the country (we omit the purposeful collapse) – the protest will proceed in the form of banditry at the local regional levels.

The rise of social discontent (may be put) entirely on the conscience of Putin – Medvedev and their entire gang.

The impoverishment of the people is a clear result of 15 year “work” of those workers of knife and an ax.

We can get back to the 90’s quickly, here’s something to share and trunks on hands to have better order. There is reduction in Ministry of Internal Affairs – about 100 000, in nearby suburbs (Podmoskovie), one policeman for a few settlements. How they will cope with the growth of organized crime?

The trucker came out openly against an obviously stronger opponent, knowing fully well that they got few chances. For this act of manhood they need many thanks. This bell has tolled for the whole of Russia.

Putin has built a police state. Power structures are pushing truckers, punish their families, some poured down Nation with filth in MSM. Neither the protests of teachers, doctors, academicians nor businessmen can still find answers from authorities.

Hammering in that public peaceful protest, the government is driving discontented under the floor.

Next revolt of jackals will appear there on redistribution of property. Hungry young wolves without work and education, gathering, shootout, fighting (demolition). The alleys of “heroes” – brothers in cemeteries. We are on this bloody path.

Today, the local governments’ problems can still be resolved without blood, if we (will keep) weakened the pressure of unicorns and other street rag-tag packs – the active citizens are yet.

Choosing the path of mass repression will drive the country into despair. Yes, gray mass is easier to manage, but to build civil society, to raise the production and business will not succeed. Vultures will eat carrion. A pack of riches with their private armies and millions of paupers.

Putin had a chance “behind the ears”, to revive (pull out) country.

Now there is no point in arguing over stupidity, inability or maliciousness, he ruined this chance for Russia to prosper by relying on our own strength.

Is there enough sound mind to transfer power peacefully?

And not to pass it onto our thieves and Pro-American zealots (onlookers)?

Was there left a shred of honor and conscience?

15 years to think and to try more than enough.

The best thing that the kid (пацан) can do is to get out! (to leave).


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