Only Putin and Kudrin Are Able to Turn Russia Into Shit!

Those topics in the column concern mainly Russia and Russians. But Novorossia is touched by the misery created by Putin’s policy as well! I’m not going to emphasis anything as whole the text should be shouted to everybody!

It’s probably you will not believe in all the shameful and “atrocity” issues which are going on in Russia and are being planned further for Russians by Mr Putin and Mr Kudrin – two “liberals” aka imbeciles educated in “economy” – no one can name them in better terms. Read and keep bucket for pukes at hand. I did few corrections where Yandex failed.

“Liberalization” of the economy via negligent ringing?
November 24, 2014 13:40 | Yuri Boldyrev

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov/ RIA Novosti

Yuri Boldyrev about the ongoing Orgy of Herostratos

Things in the country bad – it is impossible not to notice, it is impossible to hide. But bad business not even in the country, many with country – with us.

It is clear: sanctions against Russia, the fall in world oil prices. As a result, decrease of budget revenues, the fall of the ruble… But only do this problem? Moreover, in this?

When people ask me what are the consequences of the current development trends, including a further decline in world prices for energy resources, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in such situations for some pearls is a bit small, but for others, the soup is empty. The reduction in actual spending on public medicine, including termination (non-renewal) of a number of major Federal programs in health is not just a limitation of consumption, it is planned the deaths of tens, and maybe hundreds of thousands of people.

Let me remind you what, it seems, did not only. As justification for the “low efficiency” of the Federal target programme for the fight against cancer evidence that the cancer mortality declined by only one percent. Well, I can not evaluate, a lot or a little compared to what could be achieved for the money invested, if they would all be spent as efficiently as possible. But it’s still a lot in absolute human lives. Judge for yourself: we have on this disease costs about 3 million people die every year about 10% – about 300 thousand people A reduction of 1 percent mortality only one that disease is already 3 thousand people a Trifle? Ineffective program? Not to renew?

On the other hand, before any sanctions against Russia and to the decline in world oil prices and before the fall of the ruble, that is, before the aggregate negative factors that struck us from the outside, which was launched in respect of public medicine in our country? A kind of “optimization”. And translated into unfeigned English – reduction and the closure of hospitals, the limit of bed space, the dismissal of doctors. And all under the specious explanation that this is all that medicine was for patients, not doctors. Type, patients will be better if they are on a drip will come on the bus, and then will not be in vain to lie abed in the hospital, and on the same trolley and go home. In all seriousness in the news Central TV channels on this subject are, in essence, commercials… and if for doctors, it is only in order to remain the best and appropriate decent salary as stipulated in the may decrees of the President”…

What is expected in relation to the previous public (despite all their known disadvantages) of hospitals? See with your own eyes, you can tell almost from the window of his apartment. The scheme is, literally, the two-way. First, in a wonderful location, in close proximity to one of the Central stations of the Moscow metro construction private “European medical center”. As it cooked, as if by accident and without any connection, closes huge and always previously filled 63rd hospital situated, literally, five minutes walk from the new hearth health. Closed, as far as we know, then, to be conceded that most private medical center. One problem: very good hospital – means, for the concession have decent pay. But probably not desirable. And what can you do? What if her pre-destroy?

Close and disconnect from everything. Frozen out, bring to a state in which then you can say good oligarchs picked up quite driven to handle. And not because they have to pay, but on the contrary, they should pay for what they all agreed that no more fit to take. Nothing new is exactly what was done and, at least, artfully portrayed in “dashing nineties” “Norilsk Nickel” and other enterprises, literally, the Golden Fund of the Russian economy.

And now see standing in the center of Moscow hospital (few!), first of always filled (not the resort – not campers, and patients in need of treatment), and now empty and in the eyes of collapsing and so for more than a year!

And parallel to news on the radio – another “innovation”: hospitalized in Moscow clinics now decided to split into several categories. Planned separately, for some urgent reasons separately. Logical, but pay attention to rationale: to reduce the hours of waiting admitted to receiving chambers. Well, it’s clear: it’s time to close hospitals to reduce hospital bed Fund and fire doctors. As they say themselves familiar to physicians: this barbaric destruction of the medicine they had not seen even in the most dashing nineties”.

And all this, I repeat, in no way connected with the sanctions against us, a drop of oil and the ruble. And, you can say, quite according to plan.

So, is this a conscious planned population reduction? Or how else can you explain this?

And, at the same time, pompous negligent plans. For example, by 2025 only after 10 years on the basis of United aircraft Corporation plans to create a “third world” aircraft center, which will be to compete with Boeing and Airbus industry”. Believe?

Not to mention the fact that these dizzying plans are supposed to be … part of the commitment to the WTO, in fact, created to in this part nobody leaders call to throw in principle not brave but naive question. Very naive, and who is this “third world” aviation center will work – all those who by the time of planning finally and irrevocably will be denied care?

By the way, and literacy and numeracy by the time they will still be able to? Not kidding: friends experts studying “reforms” in education, astonished at the developments in this area and is also not an emergency, in connection with the infidel sanctions and other machinations, but it is planned. For example: a typical trend within the “optimization”of course – replacement kindergartens on “institutions for the supervision and care.” Ask, what is the difference? Yes only in the fact that to learn to read and count in these “institutions” is not necessary. And along with sanitary and even fire (!) norms are “more liberal”…

I repeat: all of planning. In full accordance with the adopted back in 2010, so-called ‘ 83-m-law, and the laws about education and health care (fall 2012-th year).

Clearly, at such rates and with such consistently implemented plans “development” we by 2025 is not a third, and even the very first aircraft manufacturing center in the world will easily sparganum. Anyway, on national TV about it cheerfully report. Going to be the same as now with floating and fixed drilling platforms to choose almost disposed of in landfills foreign, assign invigorating Russian names, like “Golden Eagle”, and then the camera guest channel with the participation of senior officials pompous send in flight…

But, maybe there is hope? Maybe above all gradually realize that fried rooster already biting at all? Can be expected in the near future presidential address to the Federal Assembly we finally hear about a radical reversal from the previous course on the actual socio-economic degradation to the development? And, more importantly, may be the appropriate words will follow, finally, the case: since the West, according to our President, “tripped”, so does not the time for a decisive break with the WTO, and to reject the “reform” of the Russian Academy of Sciences and its removal back out from special apparatus, property management, and to suppress all current optimizations” health care and education?

Announced in the media leaks while not encouraging. “Informed sources” claim that the Message will be devoted to … “liberalization” of the Russian economy. And at the same time on the main state TV channel offers the main character is the same Kudrin and his “Civic platform”. So: one with Marsh in prison, others again in “heroes” new “reforms”…

Is it possible in principle to combine vital to us now a powerful mobilization of the whole society and economy with the simultaneous release of creative energy of people, including entrepreneurs? Perhaps, but only if it is and understand.

But in any case not include the “liberalization” of the failure of strategic goal-setting and the expectation that the “invisible hand of the market will be for us the good hand of Santa Claus…


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