Welcome President Putin to Gorlovka Spa!

President Putin should decidedly take with Him Mr. Lavrov!

Five stars health resort. Guaranteed by Mr. Poroshenko of Nazi Ukraine, Mrs. Merkel of IV Reich Germany and the CIA of the USA!

The best security services! All conveniences available on call, no money needed! Gorlovka Spa provide services “on-its-own” for special guests! Free of charge!

Unforgettable and unique amusement for one week! Excellent food, hot waters, comfortable hush, uninterrupted relax and unprecedented survival adventures!

For the end of your marvelous time the best in the world show of fireworks together with greatest gig in the sky with incendiary bombs!

Welcome Great Russians! Gorlovka Spa awaits You and Your comrades!

18.11.2014. Military reports from South-Eastern front (photo/video/18+) updated 10 minutes ago
From politicsnews.info








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