Putin Went Nuts! :( Very Sad Thing of Health. He Overworked I Think.

Yes, President Putin wants to manage ALL things. He is micromanaging everything. All press and media titles say – “Putin recommend”, “Putin ordered”, “Putin visited”, “Putin criticized”, “Putin gave directions”, “Putin made decisions” (on petty, shitty, turdy matters etc), “Putin forbidden”, “Putin asked”, “Putin controlled”, “Putin checked”, “Putin presses for new development of”, “Putin praises”, Putin castigated”, “Putin went”, “Putin flied”, “Putin attended”, “Putin wagged his finger”, “Putin removed”, “Putin occurred”, “Putin talked”, “Putin said”, etc.

“Puking” is the right expression for the results of the propaganda going day and day in media. I had prepared very much of such bitter and sad titles but deleted them. There’s no sense to show people/readers how much the political world of Russia, specially Putin’s world, around Novorossia is cranked up and kinky nowadays.

His assistants criticize financial policy of Russian Federal Bank, Mr. Putin lauds the liberal banksters (aka X-th column or traitors). The West leaders are kicking Kremlin’s leaders in their asses or going to do so but Mr. Putin is supporting Germany in distroying Ukraine, Ukraine is killing Russians, Mr. Putin “is developing” or looking for good warm relations with Germany, EU and USA. And on and on, one can describe the drivels of Mr. Putin’s, Mr. Lavrov’s, Mr. Peskov’s round Robin.

If I assume they are not idiots I must see Russia as weak and gaining time to produce more military hardware and allow Russian troops to learn to drive and to control the new junks in preparation for oncoming serious conflict.

Tertium non datur.

Eduard Limonov: …without hesitation, like an adult….
20 November 2014 13:22

Continue the theme of dangerous indecision leaders of the Russian state in the war in the Donbass.

You can judge for yourself.

They helped DPR and LPR, then suddenly stopped offensive and organize in all respects disadvantageous truce.

Then suddenly want one hundred percent assurances the issue of NATO that they will not make Ukraine a member of NATO, although know perfectly well that the faith in this organization has long age gone.

Dangerous wag Russian leaders.

Not wanting to recognize the elections in DPR and LPR, Byzantine found the word, remember, not to say the word “recognize the results.”

Meanwhile, the war in the Donbass fiercely continues, and it is a defensive war with our hand on the territory of the affected republics. Die and soldiers of the militia and civilians, while in Russia, its leaders allow themselves to be indecisive.

Meanwhile, Washington has just said, that does not preclude delivery Kiev lethal heavy weapons.

Meanwhile, the EU began to twist arms of Serbia. seeking accession to the sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile, Russian President in Australia at the G-20 summit was going to bawl like a schoolboy, Yes thank God he had the sense to leave the summit.

Meanwhile, NATO, actually promises Yatsenyuk to take Ukraine into the Alliance.

Meanwhile, military factories of Ukraine operate at full power and produce tanks and APC-s.

And so on and so forth…

I believe that diplomatic baby talks with the US and the EU, these old-fashioned manners, such manners do not work in the modern world and with such openly negative forces as the European Union and the United States of America.

If these countries shamelessly cynical use in its aggressive purposes even human rights (remember the “human rights wars” in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria, at least….), what they do is playing on Russians simple tricks.

As a patriot of Russia, as a statesman, as a member of the opposition, I believe that the time has come volitional powerful confrontation with them, with the EU and the US, confrontation without hesitation, like an adult.

It’s time to revolt against hegemony the US and the EU in the world. Russia has already started well, should resolutely continue, other countries in what is called “third world” will pick up. Should this prove to them our determination.

We should not be squeamish either, you need to bring presumptuous Yankees and Europeans to the level of Nations is of local significance to the state tourist Republic. It should be more with all the modes and forces hostile to the U.S. and the EU.

I scream and can’t shout, but the bottom line is that with a powerful heavy lethal weapons supplied by the USA Ukraine, our losses will increase tenfold, they will try to win at the Donbass and trample on the Crimea, and nobody knows where they want to stay… Don’t think that they will confuse the state border of the Russian Federation.

Very seriously, everything. Enough to think and toss. Enough of the old, meaningless diplomacy. Enough timid old-fashioned tricks. Go on the offensive.

I, Eduard Limonov.

via limonov-eduard.livejournal.com

One of many examples of main Russian politicians who went mad.

Russia needs a guarantee that Ukraine will not be accepted in NATO

Russia needs a guarantee that nobody is going to Ukraine to join NATO, but its not.

So said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with the world service Bi-bi-si”, which was broadcasted by the radio Tuesday night.

Russian leaders, wake up, the hell!

P.S. Mr. Peskov looks like being forced to spit out the senseless bugger. He knows that, so deep and painful unhappiness is engraved on his face in a very meaningful way.


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