Novorossia Holy Naivety Around Putin’s Cynicism

Vladimir Putin will not allow you to destroy the East of Ukraine
Author: Betterlife from 16.11.2014, 10:37

He did it already! You Novorossian propagandists, you idiots!

Grandpa Frost coming! Beware Ukies!

Moscow will not allow Kiev to destroy the population and political opponents in the East of Ukraine. This was stated today by President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with a leading German TV station ARD the head of state reminded that the Kiev military uses in the South-East and that in the course are even missiles.

He also warned Western partners from unilateral approach in the analysis and coverage of the crisis in Ukraine.

Fascinated by this, Putin recalled, they contribute to the destruction of Donbass.

“The most important thing is that you cannot look at the problem from one side,” he said. “Today in the East of Ukraine are fighting, the Ukrainian government has deployed troops. Used even missiles, but do relating to this? No word. This means that you (Western partners and the media – as amended) want the Ukrainian government there all destroyed, all political opponents and opponents. You want it? We don’t want. And we will not tolerate this,” said Putin, who is quoted in the Russian media.

Despite this, Vladimir Putin hopes that the situation will normalize soon, and the crisis will end.

What a stupidity to believe President Putin!

Quote – “the situation will normalize soon, and the crisis will end” Yes, out of air or thanks to Voo-Doo! Everything will normalize due to thinking about drivel, and crisis will end by spells of Dyedushka Moroz (Grandpa Frost)!

Spare me please, the shits, dear propagandist from Novorossia. I do everything I can to help Novorossia making naked all Putin’s errors and malicious statements but reading your brainless prayers is beyond my endurance. Please!


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