Last Warning For Sleeping Russia

Russia is waiting for independence and the war (Starikov, Katasonov, Strelkov, Pyakin, Fedorov) – in Russian, it could be translated.

Based on:
Interview with Igor Strelkov:
Interview with Evgeny Fedorov:
Interview with Valentin Katasonov:
Interview with Valery Pakinam:
Interview with Nikolay Starikov:

Probably President Putin is waking up but with a skewed vision whom to blame. He should think about himself and his closest advisers, only then starting search for ALL-the-columns against Russia.

Putin urges to avoid the “color revolutions” in Russia

Moscow, November 20. Russian President Vladimir Putin urged not to allow the “color revolutions” in Russia and to draw lessons from other countries. He stressed that the extremism that threatens national security.

“In the modern world, extremism is used as a tool of geopolitics and the redistribution of spheres of influence. We see what tragic consequences of the wave of so-called “color revolutions”what shocks have experienced and are experiencing the peoples of the countries that have gone through irresponsible experiments latent, and sometimes rough, as we say, “lombego” external interference in their lives,” said the President of Russia at the security Council meeting.

“For us it’s a lesson and a warning, and we must do everything necessary that this never happened in Russia”, – said the head of the Russian Federation.

He also explained that extremism is dangerous to the state.

“Extremism is a threat to national security, can drastically unbalance the political, economic and social systems. The most dangerous to society and the state, this kind of extremism, as nationalism, religious intolerance, political extremism”, – said Vladimir Putin.

The security Council meeting devoted to strategy to counter extremism in the Russian Federation. The project duration until 2025.


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