Igor Strelkov in Radio Kommersant FM

Interview Strelkova in radio Kommersant FM” 14.11.2014.

January(?) 14, 2014 by Miep

A. K.: Obviously, you understand the internal processes that occur in conventional field called The New Russia. The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that Ukraine needs to prepare for the conduct of fighting in the Donbass, and she seems to like them prepared. Then his words were disavowed. He said information about the attack was premature, but nevertheless, something happens, something, in the words of modern teenagers, encyclopedias. Can you explain how you see it from a height his understanding of the situation?

I. S.: first, I see that you call the new Russia to a certain conditional territory. For you this territory, and for me
it really is a state that is until two regions, the two republics. I hope that this is not limited. As for the statements of the Kiev military commanders and statesmen, they these statements continued to do since March. At first they were going to return to the Crimea, now they are going to return The New Russia. The war did not stop even for one day, so nothing surprising in their applications no. The shelling did not stop for a single day, even after Minsk truce.

Recently, their scale has increased significantly. For example, in Donetsk last week’s attacks took nature hurricane for some areas. Kiev, Petrovsky areas are under fire almost daily, not in practice, and exactly, every day several times a day. For example, on Friday I was told that fired four more, at least at home in Donetsk from direct hits. Messages that damaged glazing or shells hit in the garages, you can
generally not be considered. Therefore, nothing surprising. Kiev openly preparing for war, continues to urgently repair and purchase new military equipment, continues to recruit troops, to strengthen the position.

K. E.: Igor, you say that for you it is the state for you is the important part and you think that part of this will be to expand. Why are you not there, but in Moscow?

I. S.: You ask a question, which is quite complicated.

K. E.: We simple nobody asked.

I. S.: I have repeatedly said that I resigned.

K. E.: But you could go as a volunteer, as a simple soldier.

I. S.: There is a very difficult situation, I have already talked about this. My appearance there can lead to undesirable consequences. Although I am skeptical and Minsk truce, and a number of other activities of modern government, I still believe that it is illegal to make confusion in the rear of the Donetsk national Republic.

A. K.: Your appearance there will cause confusion, do you think?

I.S.: I believe that my appearance there can lead to concentration around me various grievances. This is unacceptable.

A. K.: so you do not want to allow the deconsolidation of a single, monolithic Dravski patterns?

K. E.: And grudges than, if not a secret?

I. G.: a Lot of frustration. I think the dissatisfaction legally in some issues. Somewhere on the contrary, it is because the guerrillas, who constitute the majority of volunteer teams, don’t want to turn into a regular army.

K. E.: do you mean to say that there simply dominates banditry, Yes?

A. K.: Different approaches.

I.S.: I want to say that dissatisfaction exists. There are objective reasons, there are reasons that do not deserve respect, but in General my appearance there can be considered as a magnet that will attract all those who are dissatisfied.

A. K.: I understand what you mean. Apparently, it’s still not based on concepts, but on the basis of specific individuals, specific persons. One tends to this, the other to another. I understood you. I linked your return with your intention to join politics. First, please tell me if what you really decided to go into politics? Secondly, we have all read, sorry that again I quote the words of Beard about how you appropriate to do politics. You’ve probably seen it.

I.S: I saw this interview. The only thing I can say is that I criticize the actions Beard at the moment stay in Donetsk against me in particular. As for his statements about the fact that I was going to do politics, they do not correspond to reality. I just tried to evade policy and tried to deal only with military matters, actually I was doing. I had given all things into his hands first Beard, and then Zakharchenko, and not only gave, I did not take political issues. As for the comparison with a ballerina, then this will leave on his conscience.

I do not claim any political role. If we talk about the movement of “new Russia”, which I headed, then it is a no political does not make. It sets targets to provide humanitarian assistance to the people who are there now that are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.

K. E.: on the other hand, you say you don’t deal with politics, but I do remember that in the summer, if I’m not mistaken, you made a statement such property that if President Putin will not provide military aid to separatists Novorossiya, then it will suffer the fate of Slobodan Milosevic. If this is not a political statement, then what’s all this then?

I.S: It’s just the opinion of a man who know the history, including contemporary history. Moreover, I was in what was then still Yugoslavia and was able to trace all the stages of the retreat of the Milosevic started from Knin County of Krajina and ended through Bosnia and Kosovo in the Hague.

K. E.: And you are there long fought?

I.S: I? Yes, I’ve fought in Bosnia in 1992-93 as a volunteer in the Russian volunteer team.

K. E.: And aren’t you afraid that now after you’ve got such publicity appeared, you pull in various international courts, and you will appear in the international context as a war criminal?

I. S.: Short: not afraid.

A. K.: You indicated that the new Russia is not just a region, not just education, for you this is a serious ideologically important concept in the country. Now those names, which have already sounded in the air, Zakharchenko, Boroday, Putilin is the right people to implement a very ambitious project concept?

I. S.: I don’t want to discuss with you the steps Zakharchenko and Beard and anyone else, because they did not want our relationship turned into correspondence skirmish. As for Novorossia, the only thing that I can say that this is true arose Russian state, populated by the Russian people, the same as we do. And I think that it has all the rights and all the possibilities for further existence. Although initially people have clearly up for joining Russia, and I hope the new Russia will again be part of Russia, as it has always been since its emergence in the eighteenth century.

K. E.: History of the new Russia, Igor, is very lively, and even the geographical concept is under attack from all sides. Obviously, if this trend about which you dream, will be implemented, Russia will be in a fierce international isolation. There will be more sanctions, more voltage, very serious impacts on the Russian economy. You are a Russian citizen, does this bother you? You don’t care what ambitions that have implemented at this level, where implemented, can deliver 140-million-strong country is facing very serious challenges?

I.S: When, in 1812, Napoleon led “dundasite languages” on Russia, can also be said about the universal isolation. However, no one was going to give up.

K. E.: Yes, but in Russia they weren’t invaded now.

I.S.: where did you get that in Russia no one invaded? In fact, after the revolution in Kiev, the West put a gun to your head of Russia, creating an anti-Russian regime. Do you think that the current Kiev mode is not anti-Russian? If you think so, then you are very severely mistaken. In fact, we declared war, or rather spent the next stage of this war.

K. E.: But you can’t compare the invasion of Napoleon, an armed invasion of the best armies of the world to the territory of the Russian Empire, with the advent of the presidential chair, for example, Poroshenko. It seems to me, is simply incomparable things.

A. K.: Igor says, and here I am, in fact, agree with him that the method and the possible existence of Ukrainian nationalism, it is hard Russophobia, aggressive, radical and unambiguous.

K. E.: Well, let’s say.

A. K.: It’s a fact, Kostya.

K. E.: Suppose, even so. This is comparable to the invasion of Napoleon?

I.S.: I’m not going to carry out historical Parallels.

K. E.: But you yourself spent.

I. G.: Yes, I did. I’m just talking about the fact that Russia is many times throughout its history has been more robust international isolation than the present. Just remember, in the end, the Crimean war. There was also begun, as they say, the Western powers invaded the territory of the Crimea in a few years after the war, if I’m not mistaken, two or even three years.

K. E.: Through the year around, but the Crimea was the territory of the Russian Empire. Again, this is how Napoleon, incomparable things: the appearance of the President Poroshenko what it was rusofob or someone else with the invasion…

I. G.: We won’t argue about history, because disassemble the history of the Crimean campaign or war of 1812 in the context of the new Russia, maybe not really quite correct. I’m just talking about the fact that Russia has repeatedly appeared in the regime’s international isolation and even direct invasion.

A. K.: In General, vidim.

I.S.: If be afraid of any insulation, then you can opt out completely from sovereignty.

More: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2611911


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