igorstrelkov.wordpress.com by Mielikki (Miep)

I present interesting website destined to Igor Strelkov. It’s ordered and it has few translations for the beginning. It will enter my list of Novorossia WWWs. I had to think over new form as the right menu is growing up to the form size of old Morse paper band. 🙂

Igor Strelkov

Website screenshot
(Click to enlarge)

About the Author: Miep von Sydow

My name is Mielikki (or “Miep”). I am a military history enthusiast, chess champion, canoe owner, English language user with a passion for woodworking and a newfound interest in a Russian man named Igor Strelkov.


About veraser

Debian user who's fond of Firefox and Vivaldi browsers. He likes to shoot pictures.
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