German Soldiers Crossing Ukie-Russia Border 22 June 2015

German soldiers crossing USSR border; June 22, 1941.

Naive President Putin believe Germans. Or He wants to build in Europe the worlds of Russian Empire and IV Reich including lands from Atlantic Ocean to Ural Mountains. My congratulations for inquisitive mind and far fetched goals.

Whatever German governments are doing it’s deadpan because German state decided long ago to build IV Reich using weapon of economy, instead of military might. All they do is to materialize old scheme to subdue Europe Nations. Not without sound reasons the next move may be repeated some day of the old one if enemy is weak. Ultra nationalists in Ukraine were reared by Germans, from the first day Ukraine could be found on maps.

Drang nacht Osten idea will never die in too many Germans’ minds. Reverend idiots.

(Click to enlarge)

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