Putin’s Question Worth 3 bln $. Who’s Ready to Answer?

the most charitable explanation for putin’s behaviour is that he is under some sort of hypnosis
November 15, 2014

The title is funny but the issue is dead serious. I read a lot critics and a lot of supporting appraisals. All depends to Putin’s vision or, to say correctly, his political and economic goals. He can play (bet) on Ukraine economic collapse, or on Ukraine revival. All in all the end result, and valid one, is to take over Ukraine! What counts is the price of the contested takeover, in other ways which way to put his hand on Ukraine is cheaper or advantageous to Russia.

What’s your bet?

“We want Ukraine finally rose to his feet,” said the Russian President in an interview with German TV station ARD
ITAR-TASS, Nov 15 2014

MOSCOW – Russia will not demand early repayment of the loan of $3b from Kiev to help correct the economic situation in Ukraine, said Pres Putin in an interview with German TV station ARD. He said:

On the loan, we issued $3b, a year ago we issued it, there is a condition that if the total debt of Ukraine will exceed 60% of GDP, we, the Finance Ministry, have the right to claim for early redemption. If we do that, the whole financial system will again fail. We have already decided we will not do. We don’t want to exacerbate the situation. We want Ukraine finally rose to his feet.



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