Novorossia Is a Hostage of President Putin’s Great Policy, He Proved It Again…

Russia will not allow the destruction of the militia
colonelcassad, on 16 November, 14:22

G20 Summit in Brisbane
G20 meeting

Putin on the results of a cold reception at the summit of “twenty” wished to explain Russia’s position on the Ukrainian question.

“The most important thing is that you cannot look at the problem from one side. Today in the East of Ukraine are fighting, the Ukrainian government has deployed troops. Used even missiles, but do relating to this? No word. This means that you want the Ukrainian government there all destroyed, all political opponents and opponents. You want it? We don’t want. And we will not allow this”, – said Vladimir Putin in an interview with German TV station ARD.

In the same way Russia hopes that the crisis in Ukraine will end, and Moscow’s relations with the Western countries will come back to normal. “Of course, we hope to change the situation for the better. Of course, we hope that the crisis in Ukraine will cease. Of course, we want normal relations with all our partners, including in the United States, including in Europe”, – quotes the President TASS.

More text and quotes in Cassad post are incomprehensible due to bad Yandex translation. Read there on your own. I’m sorry.

BTW. Another time President Putin said about Ukraine instead of Novorossia and did not mentioned atrocities of civilian population of the region. They are non existent to him. Big politics and big businesses. Nothing more. Only Russian and Putin interests are important to him. Alas!


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