NAF Appears to Be Too Weak Against UAF! Reported Tragic Results!

News of the New Russia: an overview about important

1. The attack on the Avdiivka (Plant) and Piaski (Sands) decisive results have not yet produced, the position of the junta here strong enough junta threw these settlements like numbered blocks in LPR.

The main problem of the operations in the area of the Avdiivka (Town) and village of Piaski (Sands) remains very strong artillery fire of the enemy, who did not manage to suppress.

In this regard, fuss at the airport, where NAF (VSN) sustained heavy losses, will inevitably continue and both sides will be as before to say that the airport under their control.

South Volnovakha junta continues to strengthen the defensive line of the company strong points, but unlike the positions on Debaltsevo ledge and under Donetsk, here the defense is solid rather arbitrarily, here the enemy has acute shortage of armored vehicles and artillery, plus the supply of troops leaves much to be desired. There are some problems with Bohemianism heavy guns, multiple rocket launcher, ammunition breakable facilities are often unusable in mind the published deadlines (most of the Soviet Union).

Confrontation is in the nature of heavy artillery and shelling activity DRG. Here in the foreground skill counter battery struggle that comes with varying degrees of success – as before, the artillery is the most prepared part of the armed forces junta.

2. The attack on Schastie (Happiness) actually goes on (thelebolus), but intensified attempts to dislodge the junta from the Village, Luhansk, where the enemy for the last few days, has brought already lost more than 10 killed and several armored vehicles. In its time, capturing the junta Pages (near?) Luhansk and eviction of UAF (VSN) on Snake mountain, allowed to derail the plan of concentrated attack on the highway Schastie- Novo Olhovoye (Happiness-Novoaidar), so attempts of UAF (VSN) to probe the defense junta in the Village of the Luhansk which was possible a harbinger of renewed attack on Schastie (Happiness) from the South-East, as the offensive side of Slavyanoserbsk has stalled significantly.

The junta continues indiscriminate shelling of cities of Donbass, purposefully killing civilians and destroying objects of social infrastructure. Without the application of military, defeated by the junta, to stop this criminal practice is difficult, particularly given the continuing superiority of the junta in the tube and rocket artillery.

3. In the raisins, Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka, Artemovsk and other front-line cities, the junta continues to lead an active contrary work, trying to abenobashi your rear in case of sharp fighting with the release of armored vehicles VSN on the outskirts of these cities, as well as in order to relieve the activity DRG VSN and the local underground. While attacks are extremely episodic, but if you let the issue slide, the fire of guerrilla warfare is usually very quickly flares up.

Logistics band actively work group sent SBU from Western and Central Ukraine, the movement on the major roads to the front, trying to control through a system of checkpoints and reconnaissance drones. Continues to develop the system of informers + activated network control, when in social networks and e-mail messages, SBU and (?) to seek out a lie – as a potential dissenters and people associated with resistance. Judging by going to the arrests, some fruit this work brings – as before, guerrilla activity is hampered by lack of organization and weapons.

4. The Brain really have any problems with supply, after he refused to disband the team. As already mentioned this, actually there is no problem in order to subdue mechanized brigade “Ghost” vessel command, and not try hiding behind the slogan “fight mahnovsino”, under cover to kill one of the most famous divisions of the army of Novorossiya. Since the Brain with its ideas of democracy to put it mildly not all like that from him trying and will try to get rid of. Soon wait for new attempts to sling mud, wrote about this back in September.

It should also be expected that pressure will increase on autors sitting in Stakhanov not hesitate to scold Carpentry, accusing him that he looted the Russian humanitarian aid.

5. Recently, the situation with the equipment of military units UAF/NAF? (VSN) first line has improved humanitarian supplies plus Voentorg, allowed more or less to dress up the most-efficient part, although among the “wild militias”, the shortage is still felt.

In desperate need of underwear and winter shoes. Still there is a serious shortage of various non-lethal weapons. Together with the ongoing reform of the NAF (VSN), when individual units will be reorganized into regiments and brigades, trying to mold made of amorphous heap militia units more or less working army structure, that is, to solve the task failed “Elbrus” and “Dolphin” during the work of the coordinating headquarters in Krasnodon.

6. Motorola live and no injuries received. Moreover, Motorola has denied and allegedly fractured 152-mm projectile in his armor. In General, the junta wishful thinking. Motorola in this regard surprisingly lucky given that visited the toughest battles of this war, no serious injury looks unique. Lucky person. In General, the next news from the series – killed Strelkova, Butler, Bolotov, Brain.

7. Separate information from Kharkiv underground, Kharkiv citizens are asked to actively publish in social networks public information, photos and videos with militants on the Right Sector and other fascist scum, photo and video-documented cases of crimes and offences, etc. etc. the Location of checkpoints, military units, and information about troop movements. Information needed for more effective operation.


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